Mobile homes come in many shapes and designs. A double wide is twice the size of a normal mobile home and can have two to three bedrooms or more along with multiple bathrooms. Smaller mobile homes give you the tiny home experience and let you pick up and go whenever you want. 

You can live in a park designed for these homes or place one in the middle of a plot of land that you buy. However, sooner or later you may find yourself dealing with a roof leak. You need to know how to both find and repair those leaks, before they cause further damage to your home. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to find the leak and what to do! 

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Signs of Leaks

Before you focus on mobile home roof repair, you need to make sure that you know how to spot a leak. Leaks don't always present with water that comes through the roof and lands on your floor. 

  • You might see brown spots in the corners of a room, which are water stains caused by the leak. 
  • Leaks can also cause the ceiling to bow as the water collects below the roof. This can eventually cause the ceiling to collapse, which might leave behind a crack or hole. 
  • Smaller leaks can form tiny holes that just let water drip through the roof.

Roof Types

Your average mobile home roof repair cost depends on the type of roof that you have. Older homes usually have a flat roof that features asphalt or metal added to the roof. 

If your home was built before 1976, it may have a bowed roof. Though similar to a flat roof, a bowed roof has a slight curve to it. 

Modern mobile homes often have traditional roofs with some type of a peak or pitch in the center. They have an underlayment on the roof covered with shingles.

Sealing Leaks

One way to repair a leaky mobile home roof is with sealant. This comes in different forms but should mimic the texture and products used on your roof. This is easy to use and does not always require help from a roofer.

As the sealant comes already mixed and ready to use, you simply use a brush or roller to paint it over the roof. You can use as many layers as you want to prevent further damage. 

Keep in mind:

Using a sealer requires a grinder or a similar tool to remove any excess sealant before you add another coat.

Roof Over

Another option is a roof over repair. This is when you choose to get mobile home roofers to simply add new roof materials to your existing roof. 

With traditional homes, roofers need to remove old shingles and other materials to reduce the weight on the roof. Excess weight can cause the roof to collapse and worsen existing problems. You can choose from several options based on the type of roof you have.

Roofers can install a membrane roof such as a rubber roof. A mobile home rubber roof can last for years but is often only suitable for flat roofs. It features rubber sheets that roofers add and connect to your flashing and vents. 

PVC roofs are almost as popular and consist of individual PVC sheets bonded to your roof. 

There are also TPO roofs that use a membrane made from different types of rubber. It is more reflective than the other types, which can keep your home cooler. There are also metal roofs that you can add to your mobile home.

When to Hire a Pro

Though there are some DIY solutions to leaky roofs, you need to decide whether to do the job yourself or hire a roofer. You need to choose a roofer if you have little to no roofing experience and if you don't have the right tools. 

By doing it yourself, you risk causing more damage to your roof than there already exists because you planted your foot too hard or removed the wrong thing. Many people choose roofers because of the estimates they offer. It's easy to get a quote that tells you exactly how much the repair will cost.

DIY Tips

If you decide to tackle your mobile home roof replacement or repair on your own, make sure that you plan the job ahead of time. You want to purchase all of the materials that you need before you begin. 

Many home improvement stores rent the popular roofing tools that you need, which can help you save some money. It's also helpful to have the right safety gear on hand. You need to make sure that the gear will keep you from slipping and falling off the roof. Keep all of these things in mind when finding leaks and repairing your mobile home's roof.            

Contact a local pro and request a free quote for mobile room roof repair and make an informed decision! 


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