When you’re planning your kitchen remodeling work you might be surprised to learn that up to 50% of your total remodeling costs can come from kitchen cabinet remodeling decisions alone. But, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, that is often the case. So with so much money focusing on your kitchen cabinet installation, custom construction, etc. many homeowners find themselves wondering how they can save some money on this particular detail. Some of the best ways we've ever come across can be found below.

Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent way for homeowners to make their tired, old cabinets look like new again. It is a simple process which doesn’t require the removal of your kitchen cabinets, instead just removing the cabinet doors and applying fresh doors, a fresh coat of paint and a new wood or vinyl veneer. Cabinet refacing effectively changes every visible part of your kitchen cabinets without having to pay the sizable amounts to remove your old ones and have custom new ones installed.

Hardware Updates

You’d be amazed how how much of a difference you can make with something as simple as a hardware update on your old kitchen cabinets. These little details can truly be made to shine and when used alongside a simple paint job can give your kitchen’s storage areas a look which stands out as fresh and new alongside all your other remodeling choices, but without anywhere near the financial burden.

Factory Cabinets Over Custom Builds

Factory-made box cabinets have become more and more popular over the past few years as their construction has become more durable and appealing while still being much less the cost of custom-made cabinets on average. Truly, the major selling point for custom kitchen cabinet installation is that they’re designed to fit your style specifications. However, this stylistic point is easier now than ever to respond to with factory standard kitchen cabinets, particularly when you speak with your kitchen remodeling contractors about using paints and hardware of your choosing.

Kitchen remodeling costs can be dramatically lowered by deciding to skip brand new cabinet installations and instead investing in one of these more affordable, more efficiently performed methods. Consider them when you’re planning your kitchen remodel and you’re sure to be happy with the money you save.

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