Every March homeowners grudgingly begin the yearly tradition of spring cleaning and soon find that the cost of getting a home back up to its best appearance is often more than they had planned for. Fortunately, this year it’s easier than ever to keep your spring cleaning costs low with the help of these simple cost-saving cleaning tips. Follow these helpful guidelines to ensure that this spring your home looks its absolute best without having to break the bank. You’ll be amazed by the results you can get from these simple, budget-friendly spring cleaning techniques.

Clean Up on Cleaner Costs

Cleaning services made easy
Home cleaning services

Today homeowners have access to all the materials and knowledge needed to make their own cleaning materials which are good for everything from window cleaning to wood polishing and the ever-popular all-purpose cleaner. Many of these cleaner recipes are available online through highly-reputable sources including Good Housekeeping, meaning that you can be confident that you aren't just polishing your countertops with snake-oil.

That said, if you’re still more comfortable using prepackaged cleaning supplies it’s definitely worthwhile to dollar stores to find an effective off-brand version of the expensive cleaning supplies you see advertised everywhere. In many cases, these off-brand varieties are exactly identical to the materials which cost triple as much in other stores.

Junk Removal of All Sizes

Junk removal for homes
Junk removal

For many households around the country it’s always astonishing to see how much junk can accumulate throughout the year. Whether this comes in the form of a whirlwind of newspapers and unused clothes or rather dramatically in the form of a pile of forgotten lumber or furniture that were going to be a part of the project that never managed to get off the ground, junk removal should always be a part of your spring cleaning routine.

Consider donating any unused clothing, furniture, or appliances to your friends, family, or local area charities including Goodwill or other similar organizations which both make good use of your unwanted materials but also give you a valuable tax deduction to use next spring! For many of these options the removal is free and the space that could be freed up around your home could be enormous.

Invest in Lasting Cleaning Tools

Cleaning work made easy
Carpet cleaning

While there are a number of places where finding the affordable option is synonymous with find the best option for house cleaning, when it comes to equipment and cleaning tools that will be seeing use year after year paying for quality is always a good idea. Items like dishwashers and washer/dryer combos are now available in a number of reasonably priced options, many of which are also Energy Star certified to ensure that the initially high price tag for the machine is counteracted by the decreased price of your energy bills.

Additionally, paying more for a vacuum cleaner is one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make, as carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, and floor cleaning are some of the easiest and most effective ways to show off the effort of your spring cleaning routine year after year. Be sure to do some research on the best, most versatile models available in your area prior to making your choice and remember to think of the potentially high upfront cost as being a longer term investment in your home’s beauty and livability.

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