Slope erosion control tips

Slope erosion control is a serious matter if you have a hilly yard. To control slope erosion, homeowners should use geotextile blankets, build terraces, create diversions, install a drain, and add specific kinds of plants.

If you want to know about erosion control in sloped yards, do not hesitate to read this complete guide. Here, you will find all the information you need to properly deal with erosion, from different methods to the appropriate plants and products. Read on and do not miss the details!

How To Control Erosion On A Slope?

There are several different erosion control methods for steep slopes. They are all effective and can avoid some significant problems for homeowners that have a sloped yard. Take a look at the listed suggestions below and ponder which is most appropriate for your case.

1.  Use Blankets

Blankets steep slopes rocky clay soils erosion control

There are some kinds of erosion control blankets for steep slopes: fiber, biodegradable, compost, geotextiles, made from organic or synthetic materials. These blankets can help prevent soil erosion by creating a protective layer that can be especially useful for rocky or clay soils.

Many household tasks require the use of these products, such as basement waterproofing and constructing raised garden beds.

2.  Build Terraces

Terraces erosion control slope steep stabilization  method

This erosion control slope stabilization method consists of building terraces of plants when the slope is too steep. They can be built with walls of wood or concrete blocks, creating flat plateaus – or terraces – where gardening takes place. Then, the vegetation helps contain erosion.

3.  Create Diversions

Drainage diversions stop yard erosion method

Creating diversions to promote drainage is another common strategy to stop erosion. Many people use this method to channel excess water from storms down the hilly yard through a determined pathway. Some possible ways of creating diversions are with:

  • sandbags;
  • rocks;
  • gutters; or
  • simply digging the ground.

Test these diversions in your yard and avoid any erosion issues it may face!

4.  Install A French Drain

French drain yard erosion control product steep slopes drainage

If you are after erosion control products for steep slopes, a French drain might be a good feature to help drainage and avoid erosion in your yard. It promotes proper drainage of excess water and can be a great complement to other erosion control methods.

5.  Add Plants

Add plants prevent controlling erosion sloped yard area

The most natural and effective way of controlling erosion is to plant the sloped area. The roots of the plants hold the soil together and make it more difficult to erode. They also perform as a kind of barrier against the raindrops, alleviating their impact on the ground.

If you're looking for advice on the most suitable plants to add to your sloped yard in order to prevent erosion, keep reading for some helpful tips.

What To Plant On Slopes For Erosion Control?

What plants erosion control sloped yard

Generally, planting grass and shrubs will be a good deal for your sloped yard to avoid erosion. They work especially well if they are native ground covers. However, the list presented below has some species that are excellent for erosion control. Take a look!

  • spotted dead nettle;
  • creeping junipers;
  • Japanese spurge;
  • creeping phlox;
  • rockspray cotoneaster;
  • periwinkle; and/or
  • mondo grass.

Add these plants to your sloped yard and be sure to have no erosion problems!

Use more than one slope erosion control in your yard to avoid any kind of erosion damage in your home. Plus, if you want guaranteed safety and efficiency, call homeyou’s landscaping contractors to help you out!

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