How Solar Energy Can Make You Save $$$$$ Per Year
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Solar Energy is the method of converting solar power into electricity using solar panels.

At first, it may seem like an intimidating change, but it’s actually a simple transition that comes with insurmountable benefits - the most immediate being the money you’ll save on energy bills from DAY ONE.

But there is much more to solar energy than simply saving money. Here are all the outstanding benefits of switching to solar power.

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Save on Your Energy Bills

Save on your energy bills and work hard
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The most obvious and noticeable outcome of installing solar panels on your home is the immediate savings you’ll notice on energy bills.

And the best part is you don’t have to worry too much about how big your solar panel installation is - however many panels you decide to have installed, you’ll be saving money. Of course, the bigger the installation, the more money you’ll save, going up to having ZERO expenses on monthly electricity.

If you love numbers

The average for energy savings in a 20-year time span for Americans is roughly $20,000. In more populous areas (like New York), the savings can go up to $30,000. In Hawaii (where the sun is ever so present), the savings got close to $65,000.

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Add Value to Your Property

Add value to your property
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Homes with solar panels will automatically increase on market value and usually sell a lot faster as well. A research showed that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money (Source: NREL)

Do you know about solar incentives?

Many states in the country have incentives to photovoltaic (PV) adoption. It varies from one state to another, but in almost every case, you won’t have to pay the entire installation by yourself - in some cases, you can even get paid for producing solar energy. Read more about these incentives here!

Reliability and Security

Reliability and security
Specially designed for each home. Source: WWL

No one can monetize the sun. For that reason, sun power will always be a secure method for generating energy, and it’s just as reliable too - you can always project how much energy will be generated, as the sun never stops coming, no matter where you are.

Solar panels are always a secure investment, no matter where you are!

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The Earth Thanks You

The Earth thanks you
White house, green tech. Source: Kiplinger

The environment greatly benefits from the use of solar energy instead of nuclear power plants:

  • According to SolarCity, solar power installation reduces your home’s electric CO2 footprint by more than 80% in the first year.
  • Solar panels require a lot less water for maintenance - roughly 20 times less than nuclear power plants, according to GreenMatch.
  • Installing solar panels creates more green jobs for everyone and benefits the economy, especially if you hire local companies when installing your panels, states CleanTechnica.

Furthermore, at some point we will inevitably run out of oil, coal, and natural gas to use as fuel. All of these are prejudicial to the environment in various ways. Getting solar panels is incredibly beneficial to the planet as a whole and it’s everlasting!

Interested in installing solar panels?

You can ask for a free estimate from a local company right here!

Don’t forget your state may have some solar incentives that can cut down the cost of installation up to 50%, and in some cases, you can even generate passive income from it! Read more about it here!

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