As early as January of 2014, Forbes was citing working from home as a new trend in business, and it’s a trend that has only gained speed as the months have gone by. Telecommuting or working from home can allow numerous benefits - you save time and money on commuting, you can sometimes set your own schedule, and you’re more available to pick up your kids from daycare at odd hours. But to be able to effectively work from home (whether you’re in a separate office or working from a desk in the bedroom), employees need a stellar work space, and office supply companies have succeeded in meeting that demand. Take a look below at some of our favorites!

Exercise At Work

Workout at work! A whole new way to get by the work day
Working out at work

The health hazards of sitting at a desk and staring at a screen all day are hard to avoid...unless you invest in one of the new exercise desks! Brands like The Human Solution and LifeSpan offer solutions that include desks incorporating cycling stations and treadmills so you can keep your brain and your body active!

Whether you prefer to walk or bike while you work, each solution keeps your body in motion and helps you avoid the stationary lifestyle most offices encourage. Plus, when you’re working from home, you can easily sit on a bike or walk on a treadmill without being distracting to your colleagues!

Standing Desks

The healthy alternative way to work
Alternate standing desks

If exercising while working isn’t your thing, or if you prefer to get in a good workout before you have to crunch the numbers and participate in meetings, have you thought about investing in a standing desk? The BBC reports that standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting, which can add up to quite a lot throughout an entire day. Standing desks allow you to stand during work while still viewing your computer at eye-level, along with keeping your office supplies within reach.

Build It In

Customized wooden desk made just for you
Built in desk

There’s no better way to ensure that you’ll actually enjoy being at your desk than having a few fun features built in! Finding a desk that meets your needs can help you stay focused while at work without worrying about getting up to turn on music or adjust the lights every so often. Desks with built-in speakers can help those who need music while they work while built in lights or even a mounted monitor around your desk can ensure all your visual needs are met. Plus, it can help get rid of the piles of wires that sometimes accompany desk computer stations. An electrician can help with the wiring, but if you’ve got your own office at home and really want a customized station to meet your specific needs, think about contacting an interior designer to help you with your remodels and give you the space you deserve.

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