Stink bugs are a nasty nuisance, and the best way to get rid of them is never to have them in the first place. When you take time to address stink bug prevention, you're able to avoid a costly (and annoying!) problem later on. Having your property properly fumigated means that you can better control the issue.

To help you deal with this annoying issue, below you will find great stink bug pest control tips that keep the smelly pest at bay. However, if the bugs have already swarmed in and you need an emergency solution to get rid of them, it’s better to hire a pest control company to assist you because their solutions are more permanent than anything you can do yourself.

“Time plays a role in almost every decision. And some decisions define your attitude about time." – John Cale

#1: Make It Impossible for Them to Enter Your Home

Whatever the point of entry is for the stink bugs needs to be eliminated. Sealing cracks is imperative. It makes it impossible for the smelly pests to enter the home through a window or door. Use caulking to fill in any cracks and holes that you see indoors and outdoors.

#2: Fix Screens

Even if you have everything sealed tightly, you'll find it impossible to keep the bugs away if you have holes in your screens. Fix doors and windows with torn mesh. Don't give the stink bugs an excuse to visit your house unannounced. 

Screens are very inexpensive and easy to acquire at your local hardware or home improvement store, and a local screen door installer can help you set them up in no time. 

#3: Keep the Lights Off

Everyone knows that outdoor lights attract all types of bugs. If you're not using the porch light, don't leave it on. It's one less thing to bring stink bugs to your home. It keeps your home energy costs lower, too, because you're not wasting electricity throughout the day and night.

#4: Remove Sources of Moisture

Stink bugs seek dark, moist places to nest. Get rid of the humidity, and you'll see fewer bugs. Open up a cabinet under a leaky sink, and you're likely going to find where the stink bugs have been hiding in your home. Find the source of the leak and hire someone to tackle it once and for all.

#5: Make Food Hard to Access

Bugs need to eat. When you leave food out, you're inviting them to feast inside your residence. Ensure all food is put away or put into airtight containers so the bugs won't ruin your surplus of goods. You don't want to experience a loss of your pantry supplies because you failed to keep them secured.

#6: Focus on Ventilation

If it's too humid, you'll notice there are more bugs indoors. You can combat the issue relatively easily by making sure that things remain ventilated well. 

Keeping fans going and vents open is ideal so that the home stays cooler and moisture-free. A dehumidifier is also another good idea because it helps pull excess humidity out of the air and make the home drier.

#7: Shake Out Bags and Boxes

Stink bugs like to hide where you can't see them. If you don't want to transfer them from outdoors inside, shake out bags and boxes. Make sure there is nothing in them before you carry them into the home. Otherwise, it could be a big problem for you.

#8: Don't Squash Them

The smelly pest emits an odor when stepped on. It's hard to get the stink out of your home after killing the bugs. Instead, contact an exterminator and have them take care of the problem for you before it has a chance to worsen.

#9: Take Good Care of Your Yard

Remove organic matter and debris from the premises. Doing so gets rid of the places stink bugs hide. You can keep them from being a problem by thinking about how the pests think and eliminating all coverage sources.

#10: Vacuum Regularly

Get rid of crumbs and debris regularly. When you do, you take away the stink bug's food source. When you tackle a problem at its root, things become easier to manage.

Green stink bug control is a necessity. When left to run rampant, the problem is difficult to eliminate. 

Get the Help That You Need from a Pro

Hiring a professional helps you effectively take care of a problem that needs resolution quickly. The sooner you invest in stink bug extermination, the better off you'll be. It saves you time, money, and the effort of trying to address the problem alone.

A professional possesses the knowledge, skills, and training needed to get rid of your smelly problem once and for all. When you call a pest control expert, you're investing in the future of your property.

At first sight of the pesky pests, call a local pest control company and get the problem dealt with expertly. They'll inspect the property to see what they can do to eliminate the problem before it grows in size.


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