There are lots of fun projects we can do to make summer a little brighter. I took upon myself to think of projects you could work on by yourself and without spending much (or at all in some cases). We’re talking about relaxing projects where you move some stuff around and make small purchases at most, but never required you to break any walls (or bank accounts).

In all of these there is also a lot of room for giving it your own spin. These are like directions you can follow, but the specifics are all up to you – this is where you get creative and set out to make your home something unique to you.

Let’s begin!

“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. – Henry David Thoreau


Decluttering is super easy to start.

This is not an exclusive project to summer, obviously, but decluttering is something we constantly have in the back of our minds and tend to neglect over other “more important projects. 

Either way, decluttering is a nice project to undertake because it doesn’t involve spending money or adding more stuff, it’s quite the opposite. Take away things that get in your way, get rid of eye sores, and as a result, organize a much cleaner home.

As an aside, it also takes way less time than we think it will. Seriously, give yourself 10 minutes on the clock and see how much you can do – in most cases, you’ll finish decluttering before the timer runs out.

Use brighter colors

brighter colors
Bright colors are all about summer. Source: Victoria

Bright colors are great for summer vibes – light blues and oranges combined with white or very light beige.

If your walls are already on point (or you’re not in the mood to paint your walls right now) you can simply decorate with a few pillows, new drapes, rugs, wall art (we’ll get into these soon), and completely change the vibe of your home for this season– and the next.

Don’t forget the one fantastic tip we love to use: mirrors. Mirrors can make any room automatically brighter because it reflects more light, and virtually adds space to small rooms by seemingly reflecting, well, more room!

Let nature in

let nature in
Indoor plants are beautiful additions to your home.

You can let nature in by decorating with real indoor plants or discreet succulents, which not only looks beautiful and compliments summer beauty, but also has the potential to provide cleaner air inside your home. 

Many of these are safe for pets and children, while requiring little maintenance to keep. And although we’re calling it a summer project because it’s thematically fitting, you can absolutely invest in more indoor plants in the future and keep it that way for as long as you want. 

Wall art

wall art
Wall art is cheap and easily customizable. 

Got some family vacation pictures? Display them as beautiful and stylized wall art on your wall! But even if you don’t have personal pictures you took yourself, there are tons of beautiful summer inspired art you can purchase already with the frames, or you can print out your own art and put it up on custom frames.

It’s definitely a small investment and there’s the potential to make it look like anything you want!

Summer scents

summer scents
Scented candles are discreet and beautiful. Source: The Honeycombers

Scented candles are phenomenal tools to bring summer into your home – plus, they look really good as plain decorative pieces, as they are pretty but discreet. As far as the scent goes, there are tons of options, but the ever popular lavender is already a great pick. Perhaps ocean breeze or fruity smells to really push that “outdoorsy feel summer has.

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