Attic remodeling projects, along with garage remodeling and basement remodeling, are quickly proving to be some of the most trendy and worthwhile investments a homeowner can choose to have performed. Unlike just about every other home remodeling project these services focus on renovating an entirely open and uncommitted space and so can serve just about any purpose your particular family may have for them from a new bedroom to an office, an entertaining space to a study, these remodels offer the ultimate in customization and personalization all without the expense of construction costs.

What’s more, with all this potential for customization, it only makes sense that remodels like creating an attic bedroom offer a huge return on investment when homeowners finally decide to put their property on the market.

With all that in mind, there are a few steps which are essential to every attic remodeling project no matter what the ultimate purpose the new living space may hold. If you’re interested in creating a spacious and specialized room in the year ahead make sure that these simple steps are first on your to-do list to keep the project safe, legal, and as dependable as possible.

Spacing and the Rule of 7’s

Learn the spacing rule of 7's.
Learn the spacing rule of 7's.

While there’s a wide number of different statutes and regulations around the country in regard to what space requirements are needed for a frequently occupied residential space, the general rule of thumb is that a room needs to be at least:

  • 7 feet in height
  • 7 feet in width
  • and a total of 70 square feet in the entire room.

If these dimensions are not available in your attic then it’s likely that the space would not be deemed safe or even worthwhile for any further remodeling projects. To be particularly cautious about your renovation project it’s highly advised to speak with local attic remodeling professionals about your local regulation.

Insulation and Soundproofing

Insulation and soundproofing are a must for any new room.
Insulation and soundproofing are a must for any new room.

No matter what your attic remodel is going to result in, if people are spending time in the top of your home they’re going to experience the most extreme cold in the winter and the most extreme heat in the summer. That is, unless appropriate steps are taken to thoroughly update and care for the attic insulation.

On top of controlling the temperature of your home’s attic directly, professionally installed insulation (particularly spray foam insulation) is the most surefire way to keep your home energy efficiency high while keeping your monthly utility bills low.

Along with all these benefits, select specialized insulations serve as excellent soundproofing material which is sure to come in handy for homeowners considering having more active attics than they’re used to.

Lighting and Ventilation

Be sure to consider lighting and ventilation when remodeling a room.
Be sure to consider lighting and ventilation when remodeling a room.

In order to ensure that your new attic is comfortable and inviting, whether it’s meant to be a bedroom or a home theater, it’s usually worthwhile to invest heavily in lighting features and ventilation components. These systems can come in a number of different forms though a combination of window installations, lighting design, and attic fan installation are the most surefire way to make your new living space livable.

Consider these features especially if the space you’re working with is smaller than you’d normally like since they can do wonders to maximizing the visual impact of small spaces.

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