No more bland and boring wallpaper options to decorate a room. Wallpaper is now becoming bolder, more realistic, and way more interesting than ever. Check out these stunning and jaw-dropping walls below and get ready to transform your home!

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. -William Morris

Dark Floral

This wallpaper filled with glorious blooms is a guaranteed success
This wallpaper filled with glorious blooms is a guaranteed success. Source: Style Beat Blog

Florals are common amongst wallpaper choices, but dark, weighty, painting-inspired options with lush flowers such as the one above, are hard to forget. Designer Ellie Cashman came up with this luxurious design filled with glorious blooms, that can make any room instantly breathtaking.


Velvet in all it's glory
Velvet in all its glory. Source: Hum Ideas

Velvet is one of those elements that can instantly bring that desired sophisticated feel. The crushed velvet texture effect combined with the midnight blue hue from the photo above can work virtually in any room:

  • Bringing a cozy feeling to the bedroom
  • Adding elegance to the home office
  • Making the living room more sophisticated
  • Etc.

Heavy Knit

This wallpaper is perfect for winter!
This wallpaper is perfect for winter! Source: House Beautiful

With sweater weather upon us, nothing is more fitting than a heavy knitting pattern to make us feel cozier and ready for winter. It can be on a cozy hat, warm gloves, sweaters, and, of course, walls!

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful wall is just wallpaper, but it can make a bedroom instantly warmer and cozier, due to its realistic design.


Indoor plants are always a hit!
Indoor plants are always a hit! Source: Kuechen Design Magazin

We all hear the benefits about an indoor garden, but many of us don’t have the space or the patience. Well, this realistic wallpaper can do the trick! It’s truly hard to believe that it’s just a wallpaper, and the beautiful design can make any room feel more fresh and brighter.

And it gets better:

Since plants can go with just about every home decor style, then a wallpaper like this can easily be paired with any furniture design, it doesn’t matter if the house is rustic, modern, minimalistic, or avant-garde.

Ocean Ripple

Daydreaming yet?
Daydreaming yet? Source: The World of Kitsch

Who knew wallpapers could look this good, right? With such a relaxing and laid back feel, a ripple effect wallpaper like this is the perfect option to create a soothing environment, be it for the home office, bedroom or living room.

Here’s the deal:

With a wall like this, you’ll soon be relaxing and dreaming about an island somewhere with gorgeous weather!


A tropical wallpaper is perfect for the living room.
A tropical wallpaper is perfect for the living room. Source: Livinator

Shy and muted florals no more. Wallpaper can now feature bold, luxurious, and breathtaking designs, like the one featured above. The tropical leaves and flowers add a summer feel to the space, while the interesting color palette filled with cooler tones can make the design work year-long.

Natural Marble

Marble is always a hit, in any environment.
Marble is always a hit, in any environment. Source: Brit Co

Nope, marble is not just for kitchen counters. We have already talked about the many ways to add marble into our home decor, but we didn’t mention how the luxurious effect can also be added to the walls. It’s an easy and affordable way to add that elegance into any room.

And here’s the kicker:

Pair the marble wallpaper with some velvet furniture and design magazines and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a royal French manor!


Doesn't this wallpaper look incredible?
Doesn't this wallpaper look incredible? Source: The World of Kitsch

Industrial is a decor style that you either love or hate, but no one can deny its powerful effects of making a room unforgettable. Industrial elements can instantly make a room way more stylish and remarkable, and this wallpaper featured above is an effortless example.

The paint chipping off of a rusty background in this gorgeous wallpaper seems like a magnet, attracting the eyes (and the fingertips) of unsuspicious guests.

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