The warm weather and cool breezes that are crossing the country this month are inspiring waves of homeowners to pack their bags for their next beach trip or exotic vacation. But for some homeowners, escaping to the comfort and relaxation of the coast just isn’t enough and bringing the welcoming freshness and airiness of the beach back home with them becomes just as much of a dream as the trip itself was. For these homeowners, there’s nothing better than the inescapable charm of a coastal interior design scheme and with these three essential keys it’s now easier than ever to enjoy all the serenity and relaxation of the shore right in your home.

Cool and Coastal Color Palette

Seascape coloring options for your home interior
The beach and sand color scheme

The most crucial and most immediately impactful part of the coastal interior design is a thorough color palette usage which pays tribute to the sun, surf, and sand that inspired it. Interior painting projects should rely heavily on light, airy tones of blue, green, gray, white, and tan and are most effective when reflected in the decor of the home as well. As more and more homeowners have begun to embrace the relaxation and charm of the coastal interior design major interior designers, paint supply companies, and decorators have begun offering products which are distinctly designed with this inspiration in mind and so finding the perfect colors for your home’s interior painting project should be a quick and easy process.

Shabby-Chic Style Elements

Kitchen design based on the sun and the sand
Shabby chic shanties

Just as the beach remains soothing and serene even though things are constantly in motion, the coastal interior design finds an elegant way to stay stylish and attractive while relying heavily on elements which are a bit more cluttered and busy than other design philosophies would allow. In your new coastal living room remodel employ overstuffed furniture alongside unaltered natural wood elements, decorative accent features, and more than one major focal point to fill the space with the life of the seaside. Obviously, this level of decoration isn't’ optimal for all rooms and updating highly function-driven spaces like your kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel can still be perfectly done with a scaled-down version of these techniques.

Airy, Flowing Entertaining Spaces

Light blue aquatic background for a living room
Powder blue living room

The freshness and airiness that is such a central feature of a beach trip can never truly be duplicated but can be replicated fairly accurately in a number of ways to suit just about any budget or skill level. For the ultimate in this feature, extend your gorgeous new coastal interior design to your home’s deck or porch installation and share laughs and stories in the open air. However, if your home doesn’t have a deck or porch installed or an installation on the horizon, use your existing windows, lighting, and glass or mirror features to create a feeling of openness and welcoming nature as possible. You’ll be amazed at how much difference can be made simply by using these space maximizing tricks.

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