For a timeless, thoroughly American style, homeowners all over the country look to nature and history for inspiration and, more often than not, envision a finished household which is placed firmly within the tradition of Craftsman interior design. This style has been an iconic fixture of residential properties for generations and in recent years has been surging back into popularity for individuals who are interested in celebrating the quality and hand-made feel of materials in days gone by. And while homeowners interested in Craftsman style homes would be best aided with the help of a carpentry workshop and years of experience working with their hands, today it’s thankfully much easier to achieve the rustic charm and contentment of Craftsman interior design. To help bring this gorgeous style to your home’s interior design simply keep these three keys to Craftsman interior design in mind with your remodeling choices to come.

Celebrate the Natural Materials

Crafting the perfect home interior
Naturally rustic living room space

The main theme of all Craftsman interior designs is a respect and admiration of materials which are originally found in nature, meaning that hardwood cabinet installations, countertop installations, door installations, and flooring installations are all incredibly common tell-tale signs of the Craftsman philosophy along with stone and masonry elements which are tastefully used both indoors and out. By maximizing the amount of these natural materials featured both prominently and as accent pieces in your interior design you’re sure to make a huge stride toward having a Craftsman home of your own.

The Serenity of a Natural Color Palette

Wooden floorboards around a fireplace mantle
Wood floors for the Den

As with the materials used to compose Craftsman style interior decorations, the interior painting choices which are made in your home can play a major role in achieving the Craftsman style. Rely on colors which are reflective of nature while also inviting relaxation and light into the space. Light shades of green, brown, blue, and gray are sure to emphasize the serene beauty of your home’s layout and construction, particularly when they are matched by color palette details in your choice of furniture, window treatments, and accent features. In all these choices, however, keep in mind that the comfort of your rooms should always be considered a primary concern and that finding a compromise between comfort, style, and budget is always possible with enough patience and care.

Feature Focal Points

Like a rustic cabin in a modern home
Rustic cabin room

The Craftsman interior design style focuses heavily on the charm of simplicity. Originally this resulted in the main purpose of a room: the dining room table, the living room fireplace installation, etc. becoming not only the central gathering place of the room but the central design point of the room. Today, that idea is still very central to the idea of Craftsman interior design and particular attention should be paid to features like these as well as more unexpected central features like staircase designs, and wall and ceiling features, particularly in the form of simple, stylish lighting fixtures. These feature focal points can serve as the perfect design facet to tie the style of the entire room around and when carefully developed can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to develop the Craftsman interior design style in your home.

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