Inevitably when a new design trend comes about a direct counter style arrives shortly after it which thrives on what is many times the opposite of what the majority of homeowners are seeking to set up. This has been the case for generations and today is most apparent as many homeowners across the country embrace the simplicity and elegance of minimalist and modern interior design styles and an equally growing wave of trendsetters instead return to the design pillars of the tried-and-true rustic interior design which celebrates the rough, man made, and lived in aspects of what country homes once were. That said, if you’re looking to fill your living space with the stylish, older-age look of a rustic interior design there are a few simple ways to free your home from the lack of humanity and comfort which all too often comes along with modern interior designs.

Warmth and Comfort

Rustic kitchen interior design
Classic look

The rustic interior design style is first and foremost meant to harken back to the comfort and familiarity of cozy country homes in days gone by. With that in mind, homeowners trying to achieve the rustic interior design look should begin their project with an eye on introducing as much warmth and natural comfort as possible. This is easily done by introducing and highlighting hardwood elements from visible ceiling rafters and wall features to rich, heavy cabinets and countertops and unapologetically unadorned hardwood flooring. These features along with comfortable, over stuffed furniture help to instantly warm a space and make every corner of a room welcoming and friendly to visitors and family members alike.

Country Color Palette

Living room interior design with a rustic flair
Ornate living room

In keeping with the warmth and natural feel of the rustic interior design style, the interior painting choices which are included in your remodeling project are going to be an absolutely crucial part of the work overall. Look toward color choices which can be found in nature including greens, browns, grays, and tans. For even more comfort and customization apply patterned fabrics and even small patterned painting accents to your rooms. A similar effect can be achieved in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen where a custom tile installation which mixes and matches these colors along with some bold, bright tones to lend a surprising visual focal point to these highly trafficked areas.

Cozy Climate

Alternate living room interior designs with flair
Rustic design

Decades ago the comfort of the home depended heavily on a number of window installations lining the walls and a centralized, well cared for fireplace installation in order to keep the space as comfortable and inviting as possible all year round. Today, upgrades and more advanced versions of those same tenets are still a major part of what makes the rustic interior design what it is. Homeowners considering the look should consider maximizing the amount of natural light and airflow which their windows allow while also maintaining a properly cared for heating and cooling system which can make sure that, no matter what the weather outside, your new rustic home will be comfortable and inviting to all your loved ones, all the time.

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