From the end of the 1800s into the early years of the 1900s the Western world saw a tremendous amount of change and innovation as the Industrial Revolution brought the earliest days of the modern age to the world. As technology and mass production became more and more prevalent the once exclusive and expensive architectural features and home decorations of the wealthy were suddenly available to all homeowners and as a result the Victorian style home was created.

Since then, the elaborate intricacy and elegance of the Victorian style home has been the dream of romantic home-buyers all across the country, with many other styles of architecture adapting to include the characteristics that truly make Victorian style homes the charming castles that entire societies of people have formed around to protect and admire.

The Perfect (Im)Balance of Asymmetry

Victorian style roofing tops
Pointy roof tops

Certainly one of the most immediately identifiable characteristics of the Victorian style home is a decided lean toward asymmetric features which is virtually unseen in other architectural styles. This can include everything from uneven window installations and off-center entry door installations to major structural differences like a tower roofing system on one side of the house instead of both. Originally, these design choices were made both because of homeowners wanting to emulate the appearance of a classical European castle and, in many cases, because they could only afford some remodels over others. In either case, the whimsical appearance of Victorian style homes have helped countless homeowners create a home which vibrantly stands out from everything else in the neighborhood.

Roofs that Rise to the Occasion

Gothic landscaping and hardscape

In keeping with the blended Italianate, Gothic, castle-inspired look which the Victorian style home so prizes, the roof installations which became such a central feature of this architectural design is just as unique and eye-catching as all other aspects of the structure. Homeowners can count on seeing steeply pitched roofs, traditionally composed of asphalt, wood shingle, or more modern materials like vinyl or metal roofing. Generally these roofs will be designed with a series of gables, one of which is prominently front-facing in defiance of the usual conventions found in architectural styles at the time.

Wrap-Around Porch Installations

Incredibly intricate architecture
Exterior home remodeling

A modern addition which has quickly become a staple of the Victorian style home, an extended (often completely wrap-around) first-floor porch construction provides homeowners ample space to stretch out, relax, or entertain all year-long. Even to this day, these features are still primarily composed of hardwood and painted or treated to match the appearance of the exterior siding as a whole. That said, the ornate ornamentation which Victorian style is known for is highly visible in these features along railings, stairs, and trim installations.

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