It’s been a few decades since the average American was using their chimney and fireplace as their primary means of home heat, but all the same homeowners are clamoring for the warmth, comfort, and interior design masterstroke which a fireplace offers! In response designers, decorators, and DIYers alike have come up with looks for fireplaces which are sure to spark anyone’s home improvement imagination!

With the colder weather of autumn right around the corner there’s no better time than now to check out some of the hottest fireplace designs we’ve ever seen to get some inspiration about how to make your home’s natural focal point look and feel its absolute best!

Tone Down

The fireplace mantle in your home
Relax by the fire

When it comes to everything from gathering to heating in your home, being lucky enough to have a functional fireplace is a time-tested statement all on it’s own! That’s why designers and decorators are often leaning toward a style which embraces the natural, aged aspects of the feature. Consider soothing colors and natural materials like stone or wood facades and accents. Or fully focus on the natural draw of your fireplace with minimal accent features or just a few understated choices.

Play Up

Living rooms are more complete with a fireplace
Cozy warm fire

On the opposite end of the scale, a fireplace can be designed and decorated to serve as the primary focal point and main view of the entire room through a number of different methods. Whether you’re simply aligning your living room with your fireplace in mind by positioning furniture toward it or you’re highlighting your fireplace’s impact in the room with splashes of color, bold lighting, or a simple oversized mirror or clock, there are countless ways to draw the eye of guests and family alike directly to your fireplace and away from any other points which have less care and customization put into them.

A Look Back

A complete living room experience
The best option for a family area

Given the older style and warmth which fireplaces and chimneys inspire it’s no surprise that one of the most common styles which homeowners strive to achieve with their home’s fireplace and mantel is an antiquated, vintage, and occasionally historic charm. Whether this is done with rich painting tones, antique accents, or a tasteful allowance of wear and tear alongside classic Victorian aesthetics, your fireplace can be a stunning and majestic guide to an entire room’s look. This antiquated style is a perfect fit for amplifying the warmth and inviting nature by the fireside, particularly as the weather gets colder heading into the winter months.

A Step Forward

Modern chic fireplaces for the home interior improvement
Relaxing by the fireplace mantle

If you’re more of a forward thinker when it comes to interior design styles then there are a number of modern, contemporary, and even futuristic options available for your home’s favorite gathering spot. Companies like Escea have begun an undeniably sleek and stylish design trend for fireplaces which highlight the aesthetic of the feature without the tedious hassles which had previously been entangled with it. These are now available in forms that include everything from portable tabletop styles, free-standing options, and even some which can be timed and regulated with a smartphone app all while retaining the magnetism and allure which time spent around the fire has always delivered.

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