The simple, charming appearance of Cape Cod style homes have been a part of the American lifestyle since the dawn of our nation. Throughout all the generations that passed between that day and this it has remained one of the most beloved parts of American architecture thanks to its soft-spoken layout, time-tested resiliency, and relative affordability on the real estate market. But for many Americans the characteristics which truly define the timeless charm of Cape Cod style homes are much more vague than they used to be. To better appreciate the aspects of the Cape Cod architecture and better highlight the distinctions of your own Cape Cod style home consider this brief guide to the characteristics of the Cape Cod style home:

Resilient Steep Pitched Roofs

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Pillars out front

Originally serving as a defense against rain and snow damage in the harsh New England seasons, Cape Cod style homes almost always feature a steep pitched roof, typically with gables on the sides of the home, a single centralized chimney and occasionally symmetrical dormer window installations. These features are a direct homage to the only other American home style which can claim such historic origins: the Colonial home style and the austerity that they lend to a home are still a major component of architecture in this country as a whole. Today however, there’s much more flexibility in the materials which are commonly used in roof installations on Cape Cod style homes including everything from traditional wood to modern vinyl and asphalt installations.

Siding and Exterior Painting Styles

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Even though the historical appeal of Cape Cod style homes is still just as popular as ever, the materials utilized to achieve the look have certainly evolved and developed throughout the years. To accomplish the traditional Cape Cod home style wood clapboard or shingles are the most common siding installation options. That said, both of these options tend to require a fairly large amount of siding repairs throughout the year in order to maintain their quality and reliability. That’s why modern Cape Cod style homes tend to feature more modern and durable siding options like vinyl in wood-imitating styles. Generally these siding options don’t require painting in order to achieve the Cape Cod look, but when they are subdued, natural exterior painting colors are the best options to pay tribute to the classical charm of the structure.

Stunning Symmetrical Windows

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White vinyl siding

A major part of the classic Cape Cod home style is an immediately appreciable symmetry of appearance around what often is an unadorned main entry door. Instead of relying on decorative features like porches and siding trim, the Cape Cod style home maintained an affordable price-tag along with its gorgeous appearance by aligning window installations in perfectly symmetrical placements on either side. In traditional Cape Cod homes which were kept to one or one and a half floors, these windows were typically lining the bottom floor but on modern day Cape Cod homes can climb all the exterior walls and even lend beauty and symmetry to the roof with elegant window dormers extending away from the roof structure.

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