This sleeping bag that looks like a bear will make sure no one disturbs you during your nap.
Bedroom time in a bear outfit Bored Panda

The Great Bear sleeping bag in bear form will amuse and scare your friends,

in addition to scare predators during sleep.

A sleeping bag fashioned after a very large hibernating bear sends the message: Do not disturb naptime! The sleeping bag features a massive bear head set with ferocious teeth. You could just start sleeping in it to release your wild side or wear it like a snuggie and head to the park.

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa has created an awesome bear sleeping bag that will let you become the bear you always knew you were deep inside. Bears play an important role in human culture. Bear worship may have been practiced as far back as the pre-historic times amongst societies.

If you've ever wanted to be a bear, this is your chance! Get this bear sleeping bag and take your naps in peace
Comfy bear suit Bored Panda

In early times the bear was viewed as a symbol of power, strength and even magical powers. In many cultures masks of bears were worn in ceremonies. When these animals were killed for food and to make clothing it was considered an honor. It was believed the gods had put them in place for man to be able to benefit from.

There are plenty of legends and stories involving the bear. Many of them were told to children that passed them on to future generations as well. The stories about men turning into bears seem to be the ones that most people fell in love with. The idea of these large protectors of the wild being an extinction of man was comforting to them.

The artist have eventually created a realistic bear as a sleeping bag as a boundary between the culture and the wild nature.

If you can’t BEAR others interrupting your sleep, this sleeping bag is what you need!

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