Autumn is now well underway and despite the excitement that the season holds, some minor hassles are always going to come up as the temperatures and leaves start coming down. One of the most common (and most commonly annoying) of these always tends to be cleaning the gutters before the heavy rain and snow of fall and winter cause the back-up in your gutters to turn into a serious issue for your home as a whole. Fortunately, we've found some easy, dependable ways to make your gutter cleaning as quick and painless as possible. Beyond the tried and true ladder, bucket, and trowel, take a look at these different options to get your gutter cleaning done quickly and get back to enjoying the season!

Prep Work

Gutter cleaning and why it's important
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An often overlooked part of gutter cleaning is preparing for the work to be done. Make sure you have all the appropriate gear and equipment needed so you don't have to stop halfway through the work to grab something you forgot (and lose the motivation to finish in the process). Below is a quick checklist of what you'll need:

  • Long Sleeves
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ladder
  • Standoff stabilizers
  • Scoop or gutter cleaner
  • Bucket and/or tarp
  • Garden hose to flush the downspouts

Speedy, Alternative Methods

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The years of grabbing handfuls of leaves and debris from your gutters are over. At least, they are if you're planning to be done as quickly as possible. Today the preferred method of fast cleaning essentially boils down to hooking up your leaf blower with the appropriate attachment so that you can conveniently blow out all the clutter and dirt. Alternatively if you do not own a leaf blower, you can attach a vacuum or shop vac up to a pool hook with zip ties or duct tape. The idea is to have you as close to being on the ground as possible. Simply reach up and blow all the debris out of your gutters. Should you not own the proper materials, don’t have the money, or if your hardware store just ran out, another approach is a garden hose. There are several different methods that you can go from there, some as primitive as say, climbing on top of your roof and cleaning down from there, or if you don’t own a ladder there are special “wands” that you can affix the hose to. Simply attach the hose to the gutter cleaner and wash the debris away. There are different models of gutter cleaners as well, some adjustable, some at an angle, and some come with their own components as well. Choose whichever option seems best for you and experiment with a few different techniques to find the perfect solution for your home.

When to Call a Pro

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Of course, DIY gutter cleaning isn’t for everyone. If you’re over the age of fifty, in poor health, or simply afraid of heights, climbing a ladder probably isn’t the best option. Additionally, if you just want the fastest gutter cleaning available to you, it may be wise to call in a professional. For a reasonable rate, your gutters and downspouts can be expertly and expediently cleaned out. It can really help to have an experienced pro on the ladder instead of yourself.

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