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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Container Home in Waco?

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What type of custom home project is this?

Container homes in Waco are housing structures built out of shipping containers that have been abandoned in shipyards. They became popular over the past decade because of their uniqueness, durability, availability, and low cost. Waco container homes are deemed to be environmentally-friendly because they are built out of recycled shipping containers. It is estimated that one shipping container is equivalent to 3,500 kg worth of steel. Using a container home will save you the expense of buying traditional building materials like concrete, wood, and bricks. They’re generally built in a manufacturing facility and will only be delivered to the site once done. This is good for lots that are not suitable for building. Container homes in Waco are fast to build. A primary container home can be constructed in no more than a day or two. This is possible because a container home already has its floor, walls, and ceiling intact. Lastly, since container homes are considered to be made out of recycled materials, their cost is relatively small.

Fair price breakdown

The cost of container homes in Waco depends on the size and design you prefer. A shipping container used in building container homes can cost as low as $11,488 and can go as high as $95,739 depending on the size that you choose. A 20x8x8 feet shipping container can cost around $3,500. A 40x8x9 feet container home is estimated to be around $5,000 up to $6,000. A 20-foot container home is expected to be around $12,500. However, if you prefer to connect two 20-foot containers to get a larger unfurnished living space, it will cost you around $26,000. A 40-foot fully furnished container home is approximately around $32,000 in price.

Find the Best Costs on Container Homes - Waco, 76701

Building a new Waco container home is a very rewarding experience. Not only is it helpful to the environment but it is actually cost-effective. However, container homes also come with extra charges like the delivery cost and the building permits that have to be paid. Before you get your very own container home, make sure that all the details of your housing plan are in line with your budget to ensure that you will not have to spend extra for emergency situations.

McLennan County Container Homes FAQ

Definitely not true. It would be if you bought one without insulation. In fact, most container homes use ceramic spray insulation that is very efficient when applied directly to the metal. If you built a container home and used ceramic insulation paint to it, the structure can become more energy efficient as compared to traditional homes.

No. Remember that container homes are made out of shipping containers that are built to withstand torrential rains, salt water, and humidity. A shipping container is specially made using non-corrosive steel. It is then coated with the ceramic Insulation paint. Technically, it is rust-proof and can prevent molds and mildews from growing.

Yes. Be it a single container home or a multitude of container homes connected with each other. They can withstand winds of up to 100 mph on a foundation and 175 mph if securely anchored with posts.

Technically yes. They will never collapse like the traditional homes built out of concrete do. It is said that container homes are 100 times stronger and safer than a conventional housing structure.

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2023

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