let's learn the pros and cons of vinyl flooring
Let’s learn the pros and cons of vinyl flooring. Source: The Spruce

Vinyl in one of the most popular forms of flooring because of its most obvious advantages – cost effective and low maintenance. Those are far from the only advantages too, there's a lot more to know about vinyl flooring, but when were budgeting and planning, it's important to know everything – the pros and cons alike, so you know exactly what to expect.

And fortunately, when it comes to vinyl flooring, there are way more pros than cons.

So let's take a moment to discuss everything there is to know about vinyl flooring!

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The pros

the pros of vinyl flooring
Here are all the pros of vinyl flooring! Source: Wiki

Vinyl floors are quite easy to install

Manufacturers have been making vinyl flooring more and more DIY friendly over the years, to the point where now DIYers can install it themselves without much trouble or professional assistance. Each sheet is relatively small and easy to handle, so assuming the floor is ready for installation, you should have an easy time – with the proper materials, of course.

Vinyl floors are some of the most affordable on the market

At the moment vinyls floors range from $2 to $5 per square foot including installation, which is very, very good value for your money. As an example, wood floors can go as high as $10 per square foot and are not nearly as easy to install and maintain in the long run.


This also factors on the overall low cost of vinyl flooring – it's very easy to clean and maintain when compared to most other flooring options. Even better, they are naturally water-resistant, which greatly helps in reducing damage over time and makes cleaning easy-peasy.


Vinyl floors have an impressive range of visual variety, going from simple and plain patterns to faux wood and marble imitations – in many different tones and colors to pick from. You can even opt for vinyl flooring and still use a texture that resembles wood, basically having the best of both worlds.

The cons

the cons of vinyl flooring
And here are all the cons of vinyl flooring. Source: HGTV

They can be hard to remove

Yes, although they are remarkably easy to install, vinyl floors can be hard to remove afterwards. It's not impossible by any means and it can be done even without professional help, but it does require a lot of work and care since the glue is quite strong. 

The thing is: vinyl floors have a very strong glue that is made to last. That is an advantage in it of itself, but it does lead to a hard time if you need to remove it later.

It’s important to note though, it can totally be done, but you’d probably have a much easier time calling for professional help in this case.

Confusing variations in quality

Even when going for the top shelf in terms of quality and price, vinyl flooring has some caveats and odd variations in quality you should watch out for. Mainly, you should worry about thickness and construction of the vinyl.

A professional can really help you with these details, but in short, the thicker the vinyl, the more resilient and stable it will be. Thinner vinyl tends to suffer from indentation caused by furniture, as well as scratch marks from high-traffic areas or pets.

As far as construction goes, there is something called a “rigid core construction that’s considered the most well-rounded of the bunch, so start from there.

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