It’s absolutely incredible how a simple wall makeover can change the look and feel of an entire room. And the best part: you can do it for cheap!

Having a wall makeover may feel daunting at first. You have to move furniture around, you may have to move out for a couple of days if you’re paying someone to paint the walls, and if you’re painting the walls or doing the wallpaper installation by yourself, it feels like a lot of work.

But the point still stands. See these beautiful wall makeovers down here? They’re all entirely possible on a budget and worth a little effort!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” - Tony Robbins

Simple Wallpaper Installation

Simple wallpaper installations to blow you mind!
Source: Brewster Home

Here’s an example of how a simple wallpaper installation can change the look of your room for better. Before, this room had a simple (if not bland) white wall, and after, it got a rich and bold pattern that adds texture to the room.

Old Paint vs. New Paint

Nothing a new bucket of paint can't fix!
Source: Country Living

The first impression is that the place definitely looks like it needs a major facelift, but as far as makeovers go it could have been a lot worse - it just needed a little bit of work and creativity. Enter the beautiful wall painting with new furniture, and BAM! A Pinterest-worthy room coming right up!

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From Dark to Cozy

From dark to cozy in a few brushes of paint!
Source: Houzz

The original room here wasn’t all that bad to begin with, but it was definitely dark and you can imagine how it would feel cramped (maybe even oppressive) if not given proper lighting. The problem wasn’t really the paint color, the room is just too small for such a bold choice on all four walls.

That’s why the makeover went for a lighter paint color idea (and a change of furniture) - it made the room look brighter, more inviting, and a lot more open!

Wallpaper Harmony

The wallpaper matching the decoration makes for a lovely idea!
Source: Brewster Home

This is a classic example of already having a nice color palette going, but there’s just something missing… and in the second image you can see what it was. With a simple wallpaper makeover following the same color palette, the walls and the decor style really come together!

Wood Wall

Wood boards look awesome, even when it's just a wallpaper *wink wink*
Source: Poptalk!

Wood boards are an incredible look if you’re going for rustic, but they can also be hard to implement and to maintain, and that’s not what we want - we want simple, fast, and on a budget.

Therefore: wood board wallpaper! Yes, that’s a simple wallpaper giving the look and feel of wood boards!

From Basic to Bold

A simple change of color can make you go from basic to bold!
Source: Hygge & West

The before example here looks muddy and a bit depressing. How could you save the room without having to spend too much?

One bold dark blue, textured wallpaper installation later and voilá - even the chairs look happier!

Two Birds, One Stone

Fixing both the living room and the kitchen in one go!
Source: The House of the Smiths

This complete wall makeover took care of kitchen and living room in one go! There’s always a nice way to use darker shades to create a warm and cozy environment, but with the cabinets being so dark as well, everything just felt too dark.

For the makeover, the Smiths went for total brightness, and oh boy, what a difference!

You can see the entire wall makeover step-by-step at The House of the Smiths!

From Blah to WOW!

Go from blah to WOW with a coat of paint!
Source: Blog Lovin

Exposed wood is absolutely fine and can be used to great effect, but in this case (perhaps because of how small the room is), it just felt gloomy - like something out of a haunted cabin. It had to be redone.

Once again, going for brightness was the safe bet and it totally paid off! Suddenly the room feels more inviting and more spacious with some straight forward wall painting!

Painting Over Tiles

Painting over tiles is also a great option to makeover the bathroom walls!
Source: Pink Little Notebook

If you’re going for a bathroom wall makeover, painting over tiles is a very accessible option - and the best part is you can do it by yourself! Pink Little Notebook detailed the progress of the images above on her blog, so check it out!

Painting Over Wood Panelings

Wood panelings are no problem - with a creative choice of paint color you can makeover the living room!
Source: DesignSponge

Exposed wood again! It sure looks nice for a cabin or rustic home, but that’s not what the homeowners wanted. They wanted a brighter, more modern style. And boy did they achieve it!

The wood was completely painted over for brightness and the floor got the hardwood look instead - pretty much inverted the dark colors from the walls to the floor. As you can see, it feels like a completely new room.

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