Now that 2023 is here and the holiday season is finally over, many homeowners are shifting their focus to their homes and what they could do to kickstart the year in the best way possible. That usually involves a new coat of paint or a slight change in decor to welcome the energy that a new year brings, but it doesn't end there. 

And with that in mind, you might want to know which colors are trending for the new year in order to plan your next decoration and renovation projects. It’s less about following trends but rather an opportunity to experiment with new colors that you might have never considered.

In short, they can help homeowners decide the aesthetic for their houses, rooms, and furniture. If that’s your goal, you may find some interesting options for your 2023 house project here!

Most color trends for 2023 take inspiration from nature, mainly earthy shades and vibrant colors you might find in flowers. Take a look below at some colors that will be popular this year!

Digital Lavender

Source: Architectural Digest
Source: Architectural Digest

Considered the color of 2023, digital lavender is a soft lilac shade. Purple shades have been leading the color trends for the last few years, so it's not exactly a surprise to see lavender as one of the color trends again.

Digital lavender refers to the well-being habits that many homeowners are looking for in this post-pandemic period, but especially digital escapism. Plus, lilac shades often provide serenity and balance to a room, including Digital Lavender.

Luscious Red

Source: House Beautiful
Source: House Beautiful

Using a bold and powerful shade like luscious red conjures up themes such as desire, passion, and empowerment for your home. The Luscious Red is a matte and bright tone of red that you might not find on many walls (since it can be a bit too overwhelming for walls), but in several objects in a room to create contrast.

Furthermore, matching Luscious Red to other colors can provide different opportunities for your house that may interest you. 

Tranquil Blue

Source: House Beautiful
Source: House Beautiful

The Tranquil Blue is a harmonic shade of light blue, which many homeowners use as a versatile color to decorate rooms.

Tranquil Blue is reminiscent of the elements of water and air, creating a quiet and light visual for the room, making it a suitable color for children’s bedrooms or bathrooms. In essence, it’s perfect for those who want a peaceful and calm aesthetic.


Source: Decorated Life
Source: Decorated Life

As previously mentioned, 2023’s trending colors are mostly earthy shades, and Sundial is one of the most notable. The sundial tone can be described as a tone between orange and beige, referring to organic tones found in nature.

Sundial is also a great option for decor objects of natural origin, or even for a merge with modern features of an area, which would create a cozy visual for your house. Even better if you can combine it with actual elements from nature, such as houseplants and wood, making it all blend together perfectly.

Vining Ivy

Source: PPG News
Source: PPG News

Vining Ivy can be described as a strong variety between blue and green. Similar to digital lavender, it’s inspired by the post-pandemic period.

As many homeowners have been searching for shades that embrace serenity after years of pandemic, the Vining Ivy turned out to be a great option. Although it is a bold color, it also provides adaptability and tranquility. Furthermore, the vining ivy can also be described as a synonym of modernity, being a smart move in more traditional rooms.

Ready to update your home with 2023 colors? Contact a local painting company and request a free quote for the project! 


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