Let’s be honest, every year more and more millennials are seeing their way to homeownership. As people get older, more and more see their own first apartment become their own house. But the economy still hasn’t quite come around as strong as we wanted. So when it comes to money saving home decor tips, there’s no better place to read up than this list. Here are some easy DIY projects to help you along the way.

DIY decor for all around your bedroom, living room, and walls
Wall art decor all around the home My Domaine

Sure, it’s easy to go out and purchase decor for your home, but it’s so much more personal (and wallet friendly) to create something meaningful yourself. Take a look at your closet or storage space and decide what’s worth using and what’s just taking up space. Pretty much anything can be repurposed as decor, so feel free to look around and try new things. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Accessorize with Accessories

Hats as DIY home decor or wall art
Hats on walls Free People

This decor technique not only spruces up the living space, it can also free up the closet space. Consider hanging spare hats in a clever fashion, arranging old jewelry around your curtains, or even just hanging unused necklaces around a doorframe to create something close to a hanging beaded door. It’s really up to you and whatever seems to be hanging around your closet unused to determine what decor options are available.

Hand-me-downs are the Way to Go

Floral jars as interior DIY home decor
Hanging decor HGTV

When you’re moving in to your first place, you’re going to have at least a few friends and family members try to offer you home furnishings. Sometimes this will come from a place of love, sometimes this will come from an overcrowded house that really needs to free up the room. In either case, what you can’t use practically you can certainly modify to be decor. So be on the lookout for that older clock or spare pillows that aren’t getting much use. They can certainly get a new look in your home.

Print out your Favorite Instagram Photos

Frame your photos for instant wall art
Framed photos for a wall Social Print Studio

If there’s one thing millennials know, it’s social media. But one thing most millennials don’t know is that pages like Instagram don’t have to only exist on your phone, you can print out your favorite pictures, frame them, mount them, and instantly enjoy new artwork in your home. Sites like Social Print Studio make this a breeze, just follow the instructions on screen and get some new family photos, ambiance, or just pictures of things you like around your house. There are few other ways to get such personal decor in and around your home.

Get Thrifty in Here

Tea time with herbal friends and it looks great
Plants in pots A Cultivated Nest

Not only will a thrift store makeover be a financially sound project that will improve your home, it also leaves you with a sense of pride and satisfaction from a job well done. Just pick up some furniture for cheap, paint it over using whatever designs best suit your home, and allow it to dry. Put a stain on the wooden parts if you want. Redoing a thrift store piece is an economic way to add some more texture to your interior. And there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from actively using a DIY project that came out successful.

Color Code your Things

Organize your kitchen by color (and style)
Reduce clutter in the kitchen The Glitter Guide

One of the best ways to mark your things and to bring out personality in your everyday inanimate objects is to color code everything. This can be as simple as matching certain colored items together, or as custom as painting the bottom of your wooden spoons or utensils. Nothing quite shouts “I love cooking” like a personalized spatula. Whatever you decide to go with, color coded items make for a more organized, happier household.

Color coded custom painted spoons
Color Coded Utensils Wayfair

Add a Gallery Wall

Black and white galley wall art for a home interior
Black and white painting Pinterest

Nothing quite matches the hip and cool style that a gallery wall can provide. While this used to be a place for family portraits and murals, modern design has taken a very stylized approach to an easy, simpler concept. Put up pictures of celebrities, modern art, or go all out black and white and lay it out with a specific style in mind. It’s your personal gallery, you decide what images should go up there.

Overall, there are many ways to help out the look of your home without breaking the bank. Big, dramatic changes and tiny little items all cumulate into your own personal taste. Simply pick out what you want to use as decor and let your imagination do the rest. There’s no limit to what you can do with the extra belongings in your home. Just listen to your personal interior designer’s instinct.

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