The dining room often goes unchanged by many homeowners. A table, some chairs, and a nice light fixture overhead is all that most people choose to do with their dining rooms. Fortunately, that’s not all that can be done to dining rooms. Dining rooms, like any other room in your home, can be easily transformed into a practical work of art. With these perfectly designed dining rooms to inspire you, you’ll want to have family and friends over for dinner every night of the week!

Warm Wood

A custom, warm wood table with a glass top and a stunning chandelier are all you need to create an incredible dining room.
Wooden chairs and lighting to set the mood Florida Design

This ingenious blend of soft, warm wood and cool, hard glass gives this dining room an unmatched. Along with the gorgeous chandelier and the sculpture and ceiling that match the table, this dining room is a dream set-up for anyone who loves having wood furnishings in his or her home.

Elegant and Classic

For a classic and elegant dining room, add white trim to your walls and use a classic wood table with quilted chairs.
Elegant white dining room furniture Simplify Create Inspire

For a more classically styled dining room, you can’t go wrong with white trim, a dark wood table, quilted chairs, and an elegant chandelier. Add a touch of personality by using the same chairs around the table but making the chairs at the heads of the table slightly different.

Natural Elements

Add natural elements to your dining room, such as a wood table, stone wall, and greenery, will make your dining room feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Natural stone slate interior walling Decoist

For anyone who is fascinated by Feng Shui or who simply loves using natural elements in his or her home decor, a stone wall makes the perfect backdrop for this wooden table with round stands. Adding candles to the stone wall creates warm and cozy mood lighting and the lack of an overhead chandelier makes the room seem seamless.

Small and Cozy

Even if you don't have a grand dining room, you can do quite a lot to your small dining area. A table with a mirrored top will help make the room seem larger and add a modern touch to the style.
Dining room tile flooring Blog Lovin

Even if you don’t have a large dining room, you can still create an incredibly cozy and comfortable place for you and your guests to sip tea, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. Using a mirrored table top makes the room look even bigger and adds a modern touch to the decor. The optical illusion chairs add even more modern style and gives this dining room a hint of playfulness.

Living Wall

If you truly want to bring the outdoors into your dining room, your best option is to grow a living wall and use it as a lively backdrop for your dining table.
Interior exterior home dining room design Home-Designing

If a stone wall is too cold or not colorful enough for you, opt for a living wall instead. By separating the strips of greenery with shelves, you can create a practical space to enjoy nature indoors. Use a simple wood table to add even more of a natural element to your dining room.

Beach Cottage Chic

Cute and cozy, the beach cottage chic style dining room will make your home feel lighter, happier, and closer to the beach.
White wooden dining room furniture House of Turquoise

Whether you’re looking to update the dining room in your vacation home or simply love the beach cottage chic style, using a white table and chairs (and a bench) and sky blue walls will make you instantly feel like you’re at the beach. The sand-colored rug adds to the decor and the round, blue chandelier finishes the room perfectly.

Mid-Century Modern

For the mid-centry modern style lovers, using a mix of materials like chrome, leather, wood, and glass will give your dining room a strong and sturdy feel.
Deep decadent custom wooden flooring DelightFull

For those who love chrome, glass, mid-century modern decor, this is the dining room for you! Black leather chairs with chrome legs blend harmoniously with the glass table and unique pendant lights. This dining room is strong sturdy, and will last through the night while you and your guests enjoy great food, great drinks, and great company.

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