Having a fancy, gorgeous dining room would be a dream come true for most of us, however, most of us also don’t have the budget to set up such a magazine-worthy space. With that in mind, I thought it’d be nice to show you guys how to create a beautiful dining room without exceeding your spending limits.

Well, I started out with an inspiration picture:

It's a gorgeous and fancy dining room you can get on a budget!
It’s a gorgeous and fancy dining room you can get on a budget! Image source: Home Idea

You can notice that this dining room is quite simple. Sure, it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t have any elements that actually standout (i.e. no architectural structures your budget won’t allow) - which is perfect for our goal of adding personal touches all over the place!

I’ve written about how to update your dining room already with ideas that included:

  • Flowered curtains
  • Pink accents
  • Huge artwork

And much more! Even though those items could also work to make your room look fancy, the options show there are a bit more modern, casual looking. Now, let’s focus on elegance + budget-friendly!

This Is What You Need To Get The Look

Hexagonal Dining Table

Hexagonal dining table.
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Even though this is a smaller table, it’s still perfect to create that classic style in your home. That also makes it less expensive, which is what we’re aiming for here. I really like this table because the dark brown color can easily stand out against lighter colors or it can blend in with neutral curtains and a neutral rug!

Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs.
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I decided to go with these chairs because they offer a similar look to the inspiration picture, yet add more of a modern vibe to the room. They still make for a beautiful dining room, and the rounded ends of these chairs also balance out the hexagonal shape of the table.

Lighting Fixture

Lighting fixture.
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It’s really hard to find a classic lighting fixture such as this one for such an affordable price, but guess what? We got it! It’s a gorgeous addition to the dining room and probably as close as it gets to copying the look from the inspiration picture.

Careful when installing it, though, if you’re not a trained professional, we highly recommend you hire one!

Classic Candlesticks

Classic candlesticks.
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I know what you’re going to say: “these candlesticks don’t look like the ones from the inspiration photo.” However, they’re still superb and will do the job in creating a classic ambience for you as well. Plus: they’re remarkably unique!


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These curtains are the perfect find! I guarantee you won’t find such beautiful curtains for such a reasonable pricing. I really like them because they’re not only neutral, but they have those patterned details along that make for a classy and not-at-all boring look!


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As I mentioned previously, the dark brown table is a beautiful choice to match a neutral rug, hence: the rug! This gray option is perfect for setting up the dining room of your dreams and still keep your bank account happy.

Table Setting

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As you may have noticed above, the table is set with two plates and a wine glass on top with a napkin inside each one. Now, I know the dinnerware I chose here has cups and bowls included, but it’s just so pretty and perfect for the style we’re going for I couldn’t not choose it!

You can always leave out the cups and bowls and use the plates with the following…


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Even though these are pretty standard red wine glasses, they’re your glasses and you can drink whatever you feel like out of them - that’s the rule! These will definitely do the job of getting the look along with the previously mentioned items.


Get these napkins at Amazon.

Napkins are a great way to add an inviting element without the risk of overdoing it! These are the perfect color to match with pretty much all the elements we’ve seen so far:

  • The brown table
  • The grayish rug
  • The classic candlesticks
  • The gorgeous light fixture

Here Are Some Ideas to Make It Personal

Table Runner

Table runner.
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Table runners are easy to put on and take off, which is a big advantage if you end up not liking it after all. Or even if you get bored of looking at it for too long. You just put it away for a while and then place it back on for your dinner guests! I picked this marsala one because I think it’d be beautiful on the brown table!


Get these placemats at Amazon.

Not a fan of table runners? Not a problem, here’s another option for you: placemats! They’re practical and cute to have for a small dinner reunion. I chose these because they complement the white and orange plates we’ve seen previously! Also because I love how simple they are. Plus, you could even do a little DIY upgrade to them with some personalized stamps.

Wall Art

Wall art.
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Wall art is a wonderful way to add character to your home, which is why gallery walls have become increasingly popular in recent years!

You can always go with:

But of course, nothing makes it more personal than family photos! They may not be so easy to hang depending on sizes and the type of wall you have, but that’s why you can hire a handyman to help you out too.


Get this plant at Amazon.

If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you’ve sure noticed so far I love houseplants! And, if you’re anything at all like me, you never miss a chance of adding some plants to your home - whether they’re real or fake.


Real plants are a lot healthier (and even prettier), but not everyone has the time to care for them. In such a scenario, fake plants come in handy!

We hope this article helped you see how it is possible to get the look for less in your dining room. Show us your before and after pictures on Facebook or in the comments below!

Ready to copy that look already? You could always find your own inspiration photo and get help with a professional interior designer!

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