"Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color - it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively." -Roberta Gately

Makeup has always been a way to enhance natural beauty, go bold with a strong look, or really do whatever you want. It’s a form of expression that has become nothing less than an artform. Across social media we see everything from incredible transformations to cartoon characters or other look alikes, to makeup tutorials with thousands of views. Makeup has become a medium that we interact with on a daily basis, beyond just wearing it. So much so that we can see inspiration from popular makeup looks translated into beautiful home decor. Check out how you can take your favorite makeup look and turn it into your new favorite room.

Smokey Eye Look

Mila Kunis is known for her smokey eye look
The sexy smokey eye look is a standard look of Mila Kunis. 
Source: Makeup and Beauty

The smoky eye has been the standard for sexy makeup looks for years. It’s changed over the years and it keeps getting better. Mila Kunis is the prime example of the beauty of smokey eyes. While it can look different each time, the staples of a smokey eye are dark and sexy. With a smoky eye you can go bold and dark with the lip, but often times it’s paired with a nude lip to bring all the attention to the sultry eyes.

Bedroom interior: The smokey eye look can inspire a sexy and sultry room in your home
A sexy and sensual bedroom can be inspired by the smokey eye look. 
Source: Designing Idea

You can get this look in your home with a classic theme in darker colors or with an industrial theme. Both offer the dark and intimidating look of a smoky eye with just enough light to feel sensual and sexy. An easy and great way to lighten the look is with soft textures, like faux fur rugs. Crystal chandeliers in home decor are comparable to wearing a nude lipstick, which brings the focus to the main attraction.

Dramatic Bronze Look

Kylie Jenner's sophisticated look at 2016 Meta Gala Shocked Crowds
Kylie Jenner rocked this natural bronze look at her 2016 Met Gala debut.
Source: CeleBuzz

Kylie Jenner, now famous for her internet-breaking makeup empire, shocked the world with this dramatic bronze look at the 2016 Met Gala. She glowed with golden and bronze eyeshadows and highlight paired with a nude lip. Paired with a shimmering dress, the neutral look wowed.

Living room interior: A neutral and bronze decor pallet can highlight the beauty without overwhelming the eyes.
Neutral and bronze decor can highlight beauty and draw the eye without overwhelming.
Source: HGTV

While this room is simple, it wows us with beautiful neutral tones and hints of shimmer. This look is great for a living room or bedroom. It is simple, easy to design, and gold can go with anything. When you aim for golden simplicity, you have the ability to create beauty without overdoing it.

Retro Look

Dita Von Teese is known for her vintage appeal and flawless makeup.
Dita Von Teese is queen of rocking the vintage look.
Source: Marie Claire

This retro look is classic of the burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese. The perfectly coiffed hair with the quintessential cat eye look, red lipstick, and perfect and simple complexation is a standard for Dita. It leaves us wanting to abandon modern times and find a speakeasy to spend our evenings listening to jazz.

Interior design: This classic room with art deco elements is both nostalgic and current.
Classis and art deco styles come together to create this modern but nostolgic look. 
Source: Hit Walls

You can channel your inner Von Teese with this combination Art Deco and Classic look in the living room. The light elements make sure your room won’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. But you can make sure you’ve got that edge with the dark wall art, lamps or carpeting. Add in furniture with clean lines and of course hanging chandeliers will give your room the classy feel you get from Dita Von Teese and her makeup look.

Bold Lip Look

Red lips are a classic Taylor Swift look that has inspired albums, tours and many fans!
The iconic Taylor Swift red lipstick has made an impact on makeup looks and pop culture overall.
Source: Huffington Post

America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, is known for her perfectly blushed cheeks and iconic red lipstick. Regardless of what she is wearing, that small pop of color on her lips stands out. With this color, the rest of her makeup tends to be neutral and beautiful, allowing the brightness to shine.

Wall design: A pop of color with neutral decor can draw the eye and create a beautiful space.
Creating a space with color pop accents allows expression without overdoing it.
Source: RajiRM & Associates

Much like the now iconic Swift lip pop, you can illicit the same feeling in the home. With a neutral setting, you can add pieces into your space that are colorful and special. By keeping it simple with one large piece and accents around the room, you aren’t overwhelming the eyes but rather drawing them in.

Natural Look

Beyonce truly is flawless with her natural makeup look.
Beyonce's natural beauty look gives us all #makeupgoals. 
Source: Elle

The Queen, Beyonce, has been known for many years to be versatile in her wardrobe, clothing, and makeup looks. She looks incredible in a gown and looks just as incredible in jeans and a T-Shirt. She truly is “Flawless.” One of the best looks she rocks is her more natural look. With simple eye makeup and a neutral lip, it doesn’t distract from what's naturally there.

Walls: Highlighting the natural beauty of the room allows you to have beauty without distracting decor.
Allowing the natural beauty of a space shine is easy when your decor highlights it.
Source: K Sarah Designs

Much like Beyonce’s natural look, highlighting the natural beauty of a space is sometimes the best route to take. When you have an interesting feature like wood trim, or arched door ways, or shiplap, you can decorate your home not to distract from but to highlight the beauty that was already there. Neutral colors, natural light, and interesting accents are perfect for spaces like these.

Art comes in many different forms. While art forms like film, painting, and music are what people think of first, art can be fashion, makeup, hair, and interior design! Finding inspiration from one art form to create another is a practice that has been held on by artists for hundreds of years. So take the beauty from your everyday life and translate it to your home to create a space perfect for you!

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