National Pet Day is certainly cause for celebration. It’s a day to celebrate all the joy and love pets bring into our lives. It’s also a day that generates awareness for those shelter pets who haven’t found their forever homes yet. This year, show your pets how much they mean to you by giving them the gift of fun. These incredible DIY pet playgrounds are sure to make them happy and let them know how much you love them.

DIY Pallet Dog Playground

DIY doggie playground on your front lawn
Image Source: Jackets Online Club 

Dogs are definitely part of our families and many consider them to be their children. Why not give your furry kid a playground of his own? With some pallets, a little creativity, and a drill, you can build your dog his very own backyard playground! Don’t forget to use dogscaping tips and tricks to make your backyard fun and safe for your pup!

DIY Cat Perch

Pet cat perch for your home interior
Image Source: FaithTap

You won’t need a fireman or a tree specialist to get your cat down from this tree! By making your own DIY cat tree, you can give your feline the play space she deserves...and save your sofa in the process!

DIY Bird Playgym

Wooden pet obstacle course
Image source: African Grey Parrot Center

Looking for an inexpensive way to keep your bird occupied? Make your own bird playgym! You can easily customize your bird’s playgym with his favorite toys and treats so he’ll never get bored!

DIY Hamster Playground

Brightly colored pet playground painting
Image source: Pet DIYs

We know your hamster is the cutest one out there, so why not have an adorable playground to match? This DIY hamster playground is fun to make and will provide your hamster with plenty of cute and fun activities. You’ll get some great videos for YouTube, too!

DIY Ferret Tubes

DIY ferret tubes: what furry little friend doesn't like to scurry around
Image source: Pet DIYs

Ferrets have a very strong tunneling instinct and love scurrying through tunnels and having fun. For a practical and pretty ferret tunnel, make it part of your room’s decor! By building your own DIY ferret tunnel wall, you can use colored pipes and tubes to create a work of art on your wall that’s fun to look at and fun for your ferret too.

DIY Rat Swimming Pool

Rodent bathing area for your smelly little rat
Bathtime for rodents Sunshine Scrapbook

Rats are superb swimmers, and if your rat loves to swim, why not make him his own DIY swimming pool? Complete with rubber ducky, this miniature swimming pool will provide your rat with splashes of fun.

DIY Reptile Hammock

DIY reptile hammock for your cold blooded friend
Image source:

Is there anything better than relaxing on a hammock on a warm, sunny day? We love the soothing sway and the warmth on our skin, and we’re sure your reptile would agree! That’s why this DIY reptile hammock is a must-have for anyone with a lizard, bearded dragon, or other basking reptile. Place it close to the UV lamp and watch your reptile enjoy himself.

Sugar Glider Ball Pit

Mousey ball pit that you can do yourself
Image source: Pinterest

By using a hamster ball and some pom poms, you can create a fun and cute DIY ball pit for your sugar glider! Your magnificent marsupial will thank you for this wonderful addition to his home. Plus, these little pom poms won’t make any noise as your sugar glider plays while you're sleeping.

DIY Rabbit Mansion

Bunny ranch! But for rabbits this time
Image source: DIY Hammock

Why settle for a plain ol’ rabbit hutch when you can make a DIY rabbit mansion out of an old dresser? Head down to your local thrift store or garage sale and pick up an old dresser and turn it into a dream home for your rabbit. He'll have plenty of room to hop around and have fun!

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