The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands. -Sir Richard Burton
Interior Home Map Decor
Maps make for great statement decor pieces and pull a small area together. Via Outlook Maps.

The history of maps dates back centuries, but even the most technical maps still fuel debate to this day. But there’s no debate as to whether maps have a place in your home - easily customizable to fit your decor, using maps in interior decorating can take your reputation as the neighborhood interior designer to a whole new level! And maps are great do-it-yourself project can choose to:

  • highlight a location you love
  • use a stylized, old-school map to match your rustic style
  • take advantage of styling with a 3D model (otherwise known as a globe...)
  • change the colors to match whatever you want
  • ...and a thousand other inspirational ideas

So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you tend to experience at-home wanderlust, look no further - these 9 DIY map decor projects will have you planning your next adventure from the comfort of your impeccably-styled home. Happy travels, and let your inner cartographer shine!

DIY Map with Lights

Maps with interior lighting fixtures
This DIY combines a stylish map with fun lights, which can be arranged based on design or location. Via Pinterest.

This DIY project combines tasteful wall art with unique lighting to create a visually stunning, map-centered display. You could use the lights to mark places you’ve been or want to go, or simply highlight a unique design.

DIY Map Wall Art

DIY interior design map art
Using a map as wall art to highlight your favorite travel quote can easily satisfy your wanderlust! Via Pinterest.

Travel quotes are always inspirational, and there are plenty of them out there. Find your favorites and display them, using framed maps as the backdrop. You can stagger the images with images from your travels in a DIY gallery wall, or simply use the quotes as inspiration.

DIY Chalkboard Globe

Home decor with a chalkboard globe
This chalkboard globe with flying airplanes would be at home anywhere! Via Krylon.

Whether you use it as decor or a bookend, painting a small or large globe with chalkboard paint allows you to add a chalk quote and change it out whenever you feel like it. Plus, you can paint the frame of the globe with a refined gold, silver, or copper, or a whimsical bright color to match your decor.

DIY Gold Leaf Globe

Home decor is alternative with a gold leaf globe
The gold in this globe goes perfectly with the pinks and rose gold of the surrounding decor. Via Sevda Kiratli.

Another globe DIY, using gold leaf to highlight the countries on a darker colored globe lets you create classy decor that stays with the map theme. These fancy globes will fit right in with your fancy sense of style!

DIY Tabletop Map

Home decor with a tabletop map
This map is stylish and functional, serving as a refined backdrop for a lowset table. Via D.I.Y. Bullseye.

For side table, kids’ play tables, or a coffee table, this quick and easy DIY allows you to make any map you want a part of your furnishings. Choose the map based on color and location (on the map and in the room). You can even use different maps on two end tables for a matching set!

DIY Map Backsplash

Kitchen decor: a map backsplash
The backsplash adds a bit of color and visual interest without taking away from the clean look of this kitchen. Via Homedit.

A unique take on displaying maps in your home, check out this DIY map backsplash for the kitchen. It can be the visual pop you need to accent the rest of your decor without taking up valuable wall space for pictures.

DIY Mosaic Map

Map mosaic wall decor in a living room
Breaking a map up into smaller pieces creates a cohesive image with more texture than one piece on its own. Via Pinterest.

Instead of framing one map in one frame and displaying it, this homeowner opted to go with a mosaic map design, breaking up pieces of one map into many different frames that were displayed together as a complete set. This is a creative way to display a stylized map, and also takes up a lot of space if you have an empty wall.

DIY Map Throw Pillows

Interior home throw pillows with maps on them
Throw pillows add warmth and comfort to any room, and they're super easy to DIY. Via AliExpress.

Want to incorporate maps without framing them and displaying them on your wall? Why not incorporate them into the design of your throw pillows? Not only will you still incorporate the map aesthetic, but you’ll also keep your living room couch nice and comfy.

DIY Map Wall Decal

Interior living room wall decals
The decal completes the minimalist look of the room while incorporating some style as well. Via Labonafoil.

Finally, for blank walls where you’re looking to make a bold statement, you can display a world map wall decal right on the wall without a frame or other distracting features. Less conventional than a regular map, a wall decal is a great option for renters not allowed to put holes in the wall (and decals are usually completely removable, too).

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