Having a pantry room does wonders for your kitchen, but homeowners find themselves stuck between two common problems: one, they don’t have a pantry and lack the space to create one; or two, they have a pantry but it lacks the necessary space to store everything.

The ideas I’m showing you today can solve both of those problems. If you don’t have a pantry, some of these will provide you with extra storage, many times without the need for additions and remodels. But if you do, these can work as supplements to your existing pantry room, storing a few items in more convenient places and giving you more freedom.

“It always seems impossible until it's done." – Nelson Mandela

Open shelving

Short on space? An easy way to get some pantry space is to add open shelving – even if to a small corner of your kitchen. It’s a great place to keep some of the most on-demand items within arms reach and always visible, without the need to get into the pantry room or open cabinets.

Lone cabinet

One of the most minimal solutions on the list, but hey, sometimes you can do a lot with just a little. No extra room, no time for installing shelves, but you still want a low budget solution? Try a lone cabinet.

If you’re lucky you can even pull such a cabinet from the garage, the basement, or a nearby used sale. With a handful of organized containers, baskets or mason jars, you can make some much needed pantry space almost for free.

Use the entire wall

Use an entire wall as pantry space. Source: House Beautiful
Use an entire wall as pantry space. Source: House Beautiful

Maybe you don’t have an extra room to be used as a pantry, but perhaps you have a perfectly empty wall nearby that can be used to the same effect. Whether you purchase shelves from a local store or get a carpenter to build a custom made shelf wall, a space that previously had no purpose can be turned into some very generous pantry space for just about anything!

Add storage to the door

Even doors offer extra storage. Source: Mom Shopping Network
Even doors offer extra storage. Source: Mom Shopping Network

If you have a small pantry with a door, you can squeeze a little bit more space out of it by installing some baskets or shelves onto the door’s interior. It takes virtually no extra room, it’s super practical, and easy to install. 

Small and custom

A small but clever pantry. Source: BHG
A small but clever pantry. Source: BHG

Just because you don’t have a lot of space, doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome pantry. As you can see above, you don’t really need a proper room, just a fairly unobtrusive indentation on the wall with a door to protect it.

Add custom shelving to the interior of both doors as well as the inner walls, and you may even have space for an espresso machine – fancy that!


Another easy way to add pantry storage if you just want something practical and simple is to install a niche in your kitchen. Get something small that matches your cabinets or interior design, and that should already make for additional space that doesn’t look out of place.

A local handyman can help you install a kitchen niche quick and easy!

Custom pull drawers

An underrated way to add convenient storage – especially for spices. They’re always within reach but hidden otherwise, keeping the entire place easier to organize. 

In some cases these can be installed inside your existing cabinets, so there’s no need to get new ones, just work on the custom drawers!

Inside the walls

Pantry wall space is extra convenient. Source: DIY Network
Pantry wall space is extra convenient. Source: DIY Network

An entire pantry room is always nice, but if you don’t have one, it’s possible to carve out some storage space from the wall. Even the smallest of areas can be turned into a pantry inside the kitchen!

To do this, you will need a pro. Talk to an additions and remodels contractor to start the project, as you will need someone to inspect the wall and ensure no plumbing is passing through there before carving out the space.

Looking for the perfect pantry room? Get free quotes from addition and remodels pros in your area today!


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