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How to upgrade the tile work in your bathroom. Source: Money Crashers

The bathroom can sometimes be overlooked as a place you want to decorate right away – there always seems to be somewhere more important to invest in, right? But if you think about it, bathrooms are very important and we use them all the time for bathing and grooming, so certainly it’s within reason to make sure it looks nice!

Well, starting with the tiles can be a great way to achieve the revamp you’re looking for.  Here are a few tiling ideas that may help you with this project! 

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. – Jane Austen

Large Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

large hexagon bathroom tiles
You should try large hexagon tiles for a bold look. Source: Style Curator

In case you’re looking to make a serious decor statement, you should consider large hexagon bathroom tiles for your walls and floor. The tiles can measure up to 8x8, but they are simple to install.

Although oversized tiles are not traditionally used in bathroom tiling, they are part of a new trend, especially for smaller bathrooms. This makes them feel much more alive and interesting!

Bathroom Penny Tile

bathroom penny tile
The penny tile is a very cool and subtle idea. Source: Freshome

It’s not often you get to see a bold strip of blue on a bathroom wall but it can be the perfect accent for a flat all-white background. The penny tile is designed to achieve this, making it an easy way to decorate your bathroom into something subtle, but beautiful; bold, yet simple.

Checkerboard Tile

checkerboard tile
The checkerboard tile is simple but versatile. Source: Decoist

A rather simple design that is a lot more flexible than it seems. You can use white with any other color you want, but you can also mix and match other colors to create bold combinations. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle though, it’s recommended to combine white with another soft color. Simple and effective!

Small Black Hexagon Tiles

small black hexagon tiles
Small hexagon tiles create a very elegant look. Source: DigDigs

Sleek and sophisticated bathroom designs are not that common in average homes but we see them all the time in spas – really makes the place feel unique.

Now you can bring this experience at home with smaller and black hexagon shaped tiles for your bathroom floor. Complement the floor with a stunning ceiling and cozy lighting to achieve the best possible effect. This design is simple but offers a more elegant option for any homeowner.

Marble Shower Tile

marble shower tile
The marble tiles offer a nice texture to bathroom tiles. Source: The Spruce

Marble comes with a gorgeous gray color that can give any bathroom a distinct and elegant look. But instead of having it all over the bathroom floor, try to focus mostly on the shower. The gray marble on the shower wall complemented with white floor tiling should do the trick.

Subway Tiles with Accent

subway tiles with accent
Subway tiles are super simple, but look great. Source: BHG

Subway tiles are beautiful and they have started to make their way into residential homes. But it’s only recently that many homeowners are looking at subway tiles as possible options for bathrooms.

Well, you can achieve the perfect look with the right accents. The cheery white tiles with simple plant pots as accents should do the trick. The tiles will also reflect light around the room making it seem bigger and bigger with the help of a large mirror.

White Bathroom Tiles

white bathroom tiles
White tiles make for a bright and spacious room. Source:

This is not entirely something new but you can add a simple twist to it and make the whole idea amazing. Start off with white subway tiles to cover bathroom walls. Try to complement the walls with smaller white hexagon shaped tiles on the floors.

Although most bathrooms will probably have white tiles, this arrangement is far more exciting and varied.

8. Portuguese tiles

Portuguese tiles
Portuguese tiles are rich and colorful. Source: Country Floors

In case you want to make your bathroom that much special, then portuguese tiles should work wonders for you. They are rich in variety and bring a satisfying pop of color to your bathroom you could not find with any other tile design.

Tiles play an important role in enhancing the beauty and ambiance of your bathroom. There are many tile options to go for but the simple ideas above should be ideal for anyone. You should give them a try! 

Want to upgrade your bathroom with some awesome tile work? Hire a tile expert from your area today!


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