There are many ways to customize one’s fireplace. In fact, fireplace makeover ideas can include revamping the mantel, placing candles around the unit, or just adding a banner. The choice is yours, and the payoff is significant. Here are just a few of the ways that you can make fireplace makeovers on a budget.

“For me, there's nothing better than curling up in my favorite blanket on a cloudy or rainy day and just knit. Especially in front of the fireplace.” - Magdalena Neuner

Marble Mantle

Sometimes a good old DIY project can fix the room up right
A quick little fixer upper. Source: Antique Fireplaces

This classy look can go over your previously existing piece. It completely revamps the unit. A stone fireplace makeover doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be accomplished with minimal masonry. Your home interior will thank you for the work. It’s a great way to update your interior look without breaking the bank.

Chalk Paint

A little elbow grease can go a long way
Try a fresh coat on top! Source: East Coast Creative

Here’s a cheap way to breathe new life into your fireplace. A relatively unknown resource, chalk paint can refurbish the outline of any stone or drywall fireplace. All it takes is a simple paint job, and the mantle looks good as new. When it comes to fireplace makeover, DIY is the way to go. And it’s not just limited to one area of the house, try it out on:

  • Walls
  • Trays
  • Jars
  • Mugs
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Tables
  • Exterior door
  • Coaster

Brickwork and Tiles

Switching out the tiles can make a big difference.
A night and day difference. Source: Matsutake

Sometimes simply switching up the mantel materials can make a huge difference. For the enthusiastic homeowner, a complete floor to ceiling brick fireplace makeover can be done for an affordable rate. Feel free to explore your different options when considering a total revamp. Stone, brick, and even wood can all be used in a top-to-bottom redo.

Sometimes Less is More

Here's another example of how minor changes make huge differences.
Sometimes subtracting an item can also help. Source: Faux Woodbeams

The beauty of a fireplace remains consistent regardless of how big the mantel surrounding it is. Therefore, it’s not completely out of the question to do more with less.

Just Encase

Both stylish and safer than the alternative.
A truly remarkable difference. Source: Ams Fireplace Gate

The structure outside the fireplace mantle can be just as important as the mantel itself. This is especially true for partially exposed fireplaces. So investing in a customized encasement can actually prove beneficial both in terms of looks and safety.

Update the Masonry

Stone tiles can be redone for an incredibly effective look
Fresh new masonry for the fireplace. Source: Loversiq

Sometimes all you need is a little brickwork. Having the masonry updated can really improve the look of not just the unit, but your home interior as well. Nothing quite makes a statement in the house like new mason work. So don’t hesitate to update brick fireplaces in your home.

How to Update a Brick Fireplace on a Budget

As discussed before, you can paint your brick fireplace in an assortment of different materials, including chalk paint. Otherwise you can re-stain or refinish the wooden parts of your mantle, add shelves, or simply polish the stone parts for a new overall vibe.

Fireplace Makeover Kits

A really classy look for the mantle
A world class act. Source: Naughty on your Life

Yes, actual kits are sold that can help you customize your fireplace DIY style. Fireplace makeover kits contain all the basic materials you need to redo the unit, faux stone and all. So you can affordably DIY a new fireplace for your home. Take a look at the different styles and find something that suits your home.

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