Paint is miracle that saves our budget (and sanity) when renovating: it can completely transform a home, a room, and even furniture! To inspire you for your next painting adventure, here are some incredible before and after pictures of furniture painting makeovers!

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation. -Nia Peeples

From Bulky to Fresh

The dated dresser now looks fresh and airy!
The dated dresser now looks fresh and airy! Source: Fynes Designs

Inherited a bulky dresser from grandma and don’t know what to do with it?

It’s simple:

Paint it with a bright and airy color and let it add style and personality to the room!

The painting transformation from the before and after pictures above is simply breathtaking: the dresser went from something dark and standard to something that made the room much brighter and added a new, fresh look!

Blue Painted Buffet

The blue made this buffet even better!
The blue made this buffet even better! Source: Thirty Eighth Street

The original wood grain on this dresser was competing with the carved details - one muffling the other - and instead of being the showstopper the piece deserved to be, it became a piece of furniture that no one would be impressed by. That is, until it encountered a bucket of paint.

The blue painting job made it look way more stylish, accentuating the details and keeping that beautiful vintage look that ups the appeal.

The lesson to learn here is: don’t be afraid of painting that thrift furniture! It doesn’t matter what the style is, every piece can benefit with a new color or a new finish.

Dresser Makeover

From boring to awesome!
From boring to awesome! Source: Fynes Designs

Why have some bland piece of furniture if you can have an amazing one instead? The transformation above is simple, but very powerful.

The DIY-er added some trim work on the drawers, but the painting job was the major change here. The grey and white combination made the piece look modern and unforgettable!

Get the look:

You can get a similar look on your own dresser by painting the dresser with a neutral color and the drawers with a contrasting one. And remember that you can also play with colorful tones, such as yellow, blue, or pink!

From Super Dated to Super Chic

The white made this chair super elegant!
The white made this chair super elegant! Source: 2 Bees In A Pod

Yep, painted upholstery is also a thing! You don’t need to go through the hassle of reupholstering a sofa or chair just because it looks dated. You can easily change the look just by painting it!

Get more details of this awesome before and after painting transformation at 2 Bees In A Pod!

Spray Painting Makeover

From dated to awesome
From dated to awesome! Source: Centsational Style

If you’re a fan of simple and easy projects, then you’ll love to know that you can transform your furniture with spray painting! In one afternoon you can turn a boring nightstand or wooden chair into a fabulous accent piece, just like this chest from Centsational Style.

Painted Leather

‘Before' on the left, ‘after' on the right.
‘Before’ on the left, ‘after’ on the right. Source: The Magic Brush Inc

You don’t need to get rid of that comfy recliner just because it looks old and worn out. You can paint the leather yourself! And no, it does not come off on your clothes and the process is super simple. Check out the full details at The Magic Brush Inc!

Mid-Century Dresser

The contrasting white made this piece even more stylish.
The contrasting white made this piece even more stylish. Source: The Weathered Door

Don’t have the budget to buy designer pieces, but still want that elegant look in your home? Then make a chic transformation on the pieces you already own! This makeover above proves a bucket of white paint can create unforgettable renovations.

You can accentuate the furniture’s original design by creating this two-tone look, painting the drawers and top with a contrasting color and leaving the frame as is - or also painting it with a different color.

Which one of these before and after painting makeovers was more interesting to you? Let us know at our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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