There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to roof maintenance. We can talk about the quality of the shingles themselves, the angle, the shape, the color (yes, even the color matters), and all of that is important to ensure long life to your roofing…

But there’s one very important aspect of roofing that often goes by unmentioned:

Roof coating.

But what is a roof coating and why is it the one service that will significantly extend the life of your roof – as we’ve already stated? Let’s dive in!

What is roof coating?

what is roof coating?
What is roof coating and why should you care? Here’s why!

To put it in simple terms, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a coat that will protect your roof and extend its lifetime significantly. The thing is, there are many different types of coating that are used for different purposes, but most importantly, some are ideal for specific types of roof.

The most common roof coating types are acrylic, silicone, foam, and thermoplastic.

Let’s talk about the benefits of roof coating so you can understand better why it’s so important to have it.

It will make your home cooler (literally)

And figuratively as well, for that matter! After all, having a home that’s saves more energy is very, very cool.

One of the main uses for coating is to keep your home’s temperature cooler, which in turn, greatly reduces energy consumption for air conditioners and HVAC systems.

For this to work, we’re talking white shingles and coating to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. This ensures your home is not absorbing that much heat, making it much easier for cooling systems to function properly and generally makes your home much more comfortable to inhabit.

And that’s only one of the benefits of roof coating.

Increases energy efficiency

roof coating has many benefits
Roof coating will reduce energy cost by increasing efficiency.

This goes hand-in-hand with roof coating increasing your overall energy savings. This is the “why portion of that equation, because you will indeed notice reduced energy costs, but why?

Because pairing roof coating with a properly insulated home makes heating and cooling much more energy efficient, as in, you will need way less energy consumption to achieve and maintain the temperature you want. This happens because there won't be nearly as many “competing temperatures slipping through cracks or from the absorbed heat on your roof, so entire HVAC systems or simple heaters and air conditioners won’t struggle nearly as much to maintain a certain temperature.

It’s an affordable way to improve your green reputation

Although we’re focusing more on residential roof coating here, there’s a valuable benefit for a business as well: your green reputation.

Since roof coating reduces energy cost by increasing efficiency, it’s an affordable and easy way to increase green reputation for a business.

Homeowners generally don’t have to worry about green reputation given they can already enjoy the benefits of roof coating and be more “green as a consequence of being more energy efficient, but for certain types of business it’s crucial to have a good green reputation.

So, the benefits walk alongside each other – roof coat your building, enjoy better energy efficiency and increase your green reputation at the same time. There’s no downside!

Better protection against leaks and cracks

roof coating offers extra protection
Roof coating protects against leaks and cracks from wear and tear.

Now for a more practical benefit of roof coating: it will absolutely help prevent leaks and cracks over the years.

An extra coat of protection is always a good idea, but here is where the different types of coating also come into play. Certain types are better for resistance, others are better for energy efficiency, and so on. Depending on what you want to achieve, roof coating contractors will help you decide what’s the best type of coating for your home.

Extended lifetime

If you’re looking on how to extend the life of a roof, look no further! Basically, with all the benefits listed up to this point, it’s no surprise roof coating will increase your roof’s lifespan significantly.

Proper coating will offer extra protection from leaks, but also help prevent mold and slow down the wear and tear roofs typically go through, especially in areas where the weather is wildly disparate between seasons.

Prevent extra roof repair cost

And finally, the number one reason why roof coating is so important. With all these benefits working together to give you more protection and savings, you may also avoid having to repair your roof for a number of issues. In fact, roof repair and replacement will take much longer overall.

After all, coating helps prevent leaks, meaning you won’t have to replace shingles as often. It also helps prevent mold and tear, making your entire home a healthier place to live in, and preventing other parts of your roof structure and home to have mold spreading.

Roof coating is, quite literally, an extra layer of safety.

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