Working from home is a reality for many people nowadays, and most have already figured out by now that just sitting on the couch with a laptop is not the best way. Not only can it lead to bad posture and promote back pain, but the couch also blurs work and personal boundaries.

It’s important to set aside your job outside of work hours, and that’s hard to do when you don’t have a strict schedule and a proper space at home for it. Having space for a more functional office may be hard for those who don’t have an extra room available, but you can easily set up a common area to have a dual function. 

Check out below some of the best home office layout ideas to get some inspiration! 

Corner focus

To get the focus you need, keep your computer away from things that might distract you. Try setting up an L-shaped table in a corner instead of a standard model, as it can provide more space for gear. However, make sure there is also a window nearby for natural light and well-located electrical outlets.

Add a relaxing space

If your home office design offers plenty of space, reserve a corner for things that relax you, such as books you are currently reading, a beanbag or a small sofa, and maybe even a mini-bar with a few refreshing drinks and snacks. 

When you get stressed or tired during work, you can use that corner to relax your body and mind, which in counter makes you more productive afterward. 

Home office for two

A large desk in an open space can double as a desk for two users. This is particularly suitable if you want a double home office space for you and your partner that serves as a dining room for when you have guests over. Simply add a few more chairs and you have an ideal family-friendly dining area. Just make sure you have plenty of space nearby to properly clean all your work stuff before dinner.

If you prefer to keep things separate, then designing a proper room for your home office is ideal. A large, long table with plenty of space for two comfortable chairs is the minimum, with enough storage.

Create a meeting room

If conversation and teamwork are key to your business, consider creating a small office in the living room or on the garage with seating for several people. Chairs should be comfortable and in sync with the decor, along with good lighting and plenty of electrical outlets. 

Encourage creativity

Inspiration often requires freedom of movement rather than just sitting in front of a screen. If you plan on spending your days in your home office, make sure you have plenty of space to stretch around between breaks. Besides, the area shouldn’t be just a desk with a computer. It needs to inspire and keep you creative, so keep that in mind when decorating. 

  • Choose comfortable furniture that suits your taste. 
  • Instead of a traditional desk, consider installing an electric height-adjusting standing desk for when you need to spend long hours in front of the screen. 
  • Exciting plants and artwork will help your imagination even further. 
  • Decorate the walls with photos you love.

Home office under the stairs

For those with limited space, it can be difficult to squeeze a formal workspace into a living area. A great idea is to make use of wasted floor spaces, such as the area under the stairs. You might need to make adjustments such as removing a closet or shelves previously installed there, but this would definitely be worth it!

A local carpenter can help design a great desk and install useful shelves to improve your home office! 


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