In many ways, a home office has the potential to be far more productive than the usual cubicle office. You can customize it to your liking and it’s far more relaxing, spacious, and less cluttered. All the pieces fit together!

So why is it so easy to get confused and distracted in a home office?

To be honest, there are many reasons and most of them are pretty obvious. For one, you have a lot of distractions in your home and essentially no one to stop you from taking them but yourself. Some people are fine with being their own boss, but others work better when under supervision. Having none may lead to a messy work schedule, low productivity, and tons of frustration.

And hey, we could give you tips on how to stick to a routine, or how to avoid the trappings of working from home, or even how to set yourself up for a productive day… 

But we’ve already done that!

Today we’re focusing on a very important, but often overlooked part of your home office that greatly influences your productivity and mood: the lighting.

Lighting your home office properly will make all the difference, so without further ado, let’s get down to business!

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. Michael Jordan

1. Natural light is your friend

This is probably the most important tip: natural lighting is everything. Firstly because it’s abundant and completely free, meaning you can easily light an entire room for a few hours just by opening the window.

But secondly – and this is the most important part – it helps in maintaining your biological clock. We’re hard-wired to be more active physically and mentally when the sun is up, so being able to take in some sunlight will be a major benefit to your health, and also your work.

Likewise, the effect of the sun setting will subtly signal you that regular work hours are approaching their end, so you can start wrapping up your day.

2. Desk lamps

Not everyone has laptops or keyboards with backlighting, and that’s one of the major things that will strain your eyes to no end. You’re most likely spending a large chunk of the day looking at a screen, so it’s important to care for your eyes as much as possible, to avoid problems in the future. 

A desk lamp (or a standing lamp beside your desk) will aid you when the sunlight isn’t enough – or when you’re working during nighttime. 

3. Ambient lighting

Following the tips for natural lighting should already do you great favors here, but there’s something to be said about ambient lighting – which is not the same as natural lighting.

Ambient lighting is what will make your entire home office area well lit so that you can navigate it comfortably at all times, even during nighttime. For this, it’s crucial to have strong enough light bulbs, maybe even some well placed LED lights in strategic spots. This will ensure the entire office is always clear as day, regardless of time of day.

Keep in mind: When placing these lights, try to avoid installing them in ways that create shadows over your workspace!

4. Overhead lights

The placement of your overhead lights is very important for both comfort and practicality. Having a light placed somewhat behind you means you may end up creating a shadow over your work area – like your keyboard or your planner–, thus making it really hard to see properly.

A desk lamp or an open window can help remedy this issue, but the ideal is to have a correctly installed light overhead to ensure uniform lighting across your work area.

5. Use shades

Windows with abundant natural light are excellent for lighting your home office, but in some cases, there might be too much light. They create glare on your computer screen or make it uncomfortable for extended periods of time.

To solve the problem, consider installing some shades. They won’t completely block natural light, but will instead let a soft and abundant glow in your room. Makes it much easier to work and still lets you enjoy the benefits of daylight.

Need some new lights installed in your home office? Contact a local electrician and request a free quote! 


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