Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, privacy is important for any homeowner to keep in mind, and usually this involves some form of window treatments. But drapes, curtains, and blinds matter just as much for what things look like in the interior your home as they matter for what things look like from the outside. With so many options available these days, plain, off-white, drawstring blinds are a thing of the past; instead, you can (and should!) customize your own window treatments to match the rest of your home. We’ve found some of our favorite ideas, and with a little effort and an eye for coordination, your windows can be just as fashionable as you are.

Window Treatments for Privacy

The perfect curtains for a bathroom interior
Bathroom shades HGTV

Where else could you want more privacy than in the bathroom? These blinds allow light to trickle through without baring all, and they complete the style of the rest of the room.

Darker privacy treatments respect your boundaries
Elegant privacy Yelp

Not only do these window treatments allow the homeowner to choose just how much privacy they need, but the layered look adds to the interior design of the room.

Window Treatments for Decoration

New window treatments add a lot to your home
Aquatic green Orai

Not all window treatments cover the windows. Instead, these add a flair of color to the master bedroom and give the windows the pop they need.

Red accents pair perfectly with the furniture
Red accents Thayray

Staying in line with the regal red of the ottoman and high-backed chair, the decorative treatments become a focal point of this elegant living room.

Window Treatments for Oddly Shaped Windows

Oval shaped windows, maybe even opal shaped
Circular windows Ebay

Rounded windows sometimes seem impossible to find drapes for, but these sheer drapes accent the shape of the window rather than hiding it. The decorative ties and lacey layers even look professional designed.

Not quite arched windows, treated just the same
Half moon DraperieAvenue

Rather than arched windows, this dining nook showcases a rounded, windowed wall with gold window treatments. Placed high with a longer accent drape, these add to, rather than obscure, the classy window and yard display.

DIY Window Treatments

Custom treatments that can even match your bedding
Full room treatments Country Living

Instead of individual treatments for each window, this homeowner chose to use a set of whimsical red and cream drapes to frame the windows and master bed under the sloped ceiling. The decorative birds add to the personal feel of the treatments.

Cloud like fluttering treatments for your windows
Fluffy windows Kojo-Designs

For a chic yet playful take on window treatments, this DIY curtain project creates ‘flutter curtains’ that can accent a beautiful leather armchair or create visual interest in any bedroom. The colors can be changed based on your own personal taste and interior design.

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