There are a few things all book lovers have in common. We all know what it’s like to be up all night because we fell in love with a story, we love the smell of books, and we get excited when the thought of a bookstore or library visit crosses our minds. And while our home libraries are great and the ones we visit in town are helpful, we know there are bigger and better libraries we want to see in our lifetimes. We’ve gathered five of those libraries for every book lover to add to their bucket list.

Indianapolis Public Library

Indianapolis Public Library-Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Public Library - Indianapolis, IN. Source: Riviera Camera Club

In an incredible display of the balance between preserving the old and displaying the new, the Indianapolis Public Library is a sight to be seen. The first building was built in 1917 and designed in the Greek Doris style. Then the massive 293,000 square foot tower of glass and wood paneling was added in 2007.

Armstrong-Browning Library

Armstrong-Browning Library- Waco, TX
Armstrong-Browning Library - Waco, TX. Source: Baylor

The Armstrong-Browning Library is an incredibly beautiful library located at Baylor University. It created to be the most beautiful building in Texas in part by donation from Dr. A.J. Armstrong. It’s a three-story building built in an Italian Renaissance style with 62 stained glass windows, massive marble columns, and tons of other incredible details.

"if we by that means give the world another Dante, another Shakespeare, another Browning, we shall count the cost a bargain." -Dr. A.J. Armstrong

Los Angeles Central Library

Los Angeles Central Library, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Central Library - Los Angeles, CA. Source: LA Opera

The Los Angeles Central Library is the 3rd largest library in the US and was completed in 1926. It is designed with influences from ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean Revival architecture and has had to be rebuilt and expanded due to two fires. The eight-story atrium and the new wing are just a couple of reasons to visit!

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library - Boston, MA. Source:Boston Magazine

The Boston Public Library was the first municipal library in the US and was expanded over the years which alone makes it a destination to visit as a part of history. When you take into account the 8.9 million books, rare manuscripts, maps, prints, and first edition folios from Shakespeare, it makes the Boston Public Library a must see!

Suzzallo Library at The University of Washington

Suzzallo Library - Seattle, WA. Source:University of Washington

The Suzzalo Library at The University of Washington was completed in 1923 as the “soul” of the university. Built in a Gothic style with academic heroes like Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and 15 others atop the buttresses. This library is home to many rare volumes and is a destination worth seeing!

Honorable Mentions:

Book lovers everywhere will want to enjoy a good book in a beautiful library. Source: Gone Reading

Get out there and get on the road to see these historical masterpieces and homes of some of the most important pieces of writing, music, and art in the world.

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