There are millions of different ways you can go about kitchen remodels, but we like to think in two terms: you can go big and bold, or small and smart.

Note that small and smart doesn’t mean you’ll end up with something that looks the same – it can be just as effective as a large scale project, but because we’re going small, we try to make the most of our resources in smart ways.

These ideas are for people who want to remodel, but don’t really feel like replacing entire cabinets, purchasing new countertops, redoing the entire tile work, things like that. This is for people who want something easier and affordable, but still effective!

1. Adhesive backing on shelves

adhesive backing on shelves
Adhesive backing on open shelves looks awesome! Source: HGTV

We’ve spoken before about how open shelves can revolutionize your kitchen, and the best part is that you don’t necessarily have to replace your current cabinets – there is a simple way to adapt open shelves from your current cabinets by simply removing the doors and hinges, combined with a paint job. So that is already something you can consider!

But if you have open shelves and perhaps not a lot of dishware, the back part of them might seem drab and lifeless, depending on the angle or positioning, perhaps even too dark.

The simple solution is to cover them with adhesive backing. Easy to install, tons of variety, and does a whole lot to lift the visual appeal of your open shelves. 

2. Backsplash upgrade

subway backpslash
Backsplash upgrades are quite affordable! Source: Elle Decor

The kitchen backsplash is a very special area, after all, whether we like it or not, it’s one particular area we spent a lot of our time in, so it’s important that it looks nice and remains always practical.

When it comes to tile work, you have an almost unlimited range of visual variety. For example, white subway tiles are simple, straightforward, and look great, but you can try portuguese tiles, mosaic tiles, rich patterns… basically anything you want to enhance the look of your kitchen by only changing a small area!

3. Create a look

create a look
Create a look with new tools. Source: Ideal Home

Creating a look is a lot more subtle than simply “change this or “change that, so we could be here all day throwing ideas.

To the point though: by combining colors or rearranging some things, you can create a look – and that alone makes your kitchen seem way more impressive. The image above is a good example: there’s nothing complicated about it. Simple dishware and common kitchen tools, but check out that look!

The copper styled tools stand out against the mostly white atmosphere, creating a clean, almost minimal look. You can easily achieve something similar by taking inventory of what you have. If your stuff is already mostly white, you can get only certain tools in a different color or material to stand out, and the rest of the look completes itself.

If your stuff isn’t white, you can investigate another look that already agrees with your color scheme. By doing this, you’re using your existing colors to dictate where to go next – so you only replace a handful of tools, instead of repainting the entire kitchen for a look.

4. Faux kitchen island

faux kitchen island
Kitchen rugs are both practical and beautiful! Source: HGTV

Having a kitchen island makes all the difference for practical use of your kitchen, so you might want to implement one… until you see how much of an endeavour it can be, since it involves adding an entire new block to your kitchen. Depending on your kitchen, you might have to rearrange some things to make sure you have enough room, or worse, maybe you simply don’t have enough room.

The solution: a faux kitchen island.

This can be a simple tall table with a couple benches and boom – this new area can be used as a kitchen island. Now you have plenty of extra room for cooking and even having a few snacks.

5. Add a rug

add a rug
Rugs are beautiful and practical! Source: Apartment Therapy

The idea behind adding a rug to the kitchen is both practical and stylish. Firstly, they will add an extra piece of comfort for your feet, but at the same time, they help bring the room together by making better use of the “empty space on the floor, which adds a much needed point of interest to your kitchen.

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