It’s very important to know how to make pets get along and there are many tips to make that happen. You need to take into account the animals personality, instead of just their breed - as most people do. If you put them both together early on, they will get along more easily than if you try to introduce older pets to each other.

However, these tips can help you:

  • Train your dog
  • Allow the cat to have his own territory before introducing it to the dog
  • Show the cat’s toys to the dog so he can recognize the smell before a face-to-face encounter (and the dog’s toys to the cat too)
“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Morning Routine

No better way to wake up in the morning.
No better way to wake up in the morning. Image source: PurrWorld

These two found a kind of love that’s just too cute to handle. Don’t you just love waking up in the morning with your loved one? These two are sure an example of cuddly sleepers!


Need cuddles.
Need cuddles. Image source: PurrWorld

This cat looks like it’s asking for a little petting before falling asleep and it’s the cutest thing ever! Will doggo attend his request? I think so!


A little kiss to improve the day.
A little kiss to improve the day. Image source: PurrWorld

These two decided to give a little kiss so they’d have a pretty picture and it totally worked! Isn’t it amazing how such different types can get along so well? Humankind could learn a thing or two from these pets!


There's nothing a good talk won't handle.
There’s nothing a good talk won’t handle. Image source: PurrWorld

How about this cat who decided to give his friend a bit of consolation? This photo just makes me laugh, it’s both cute and curious to try and understand what was going on between these two.

Baby Pets

Baby cats and dogs get along easier.
Baby cats and dogs get along easier. Image source: Cute&Cool Pets 4U

When raised together from an early age, it’s easier to have cats and dogs that get along. From what we see in this photo, these two will be best friends for life!

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