Halloween is very close and we're all ready to celebrate! This time however, how about we do something different and celebrate it by honoring tradition? 

Well, Halloween has changed a lot over the thousands of years it's existed. It started as a turning point in Celtic culture, but now we just kinda dress up as an Avenger and call it a day.

Dressing in costumes was actually a thing back then too, but nowadays many people don't even try to be spooky anymore.

And hey, the idea is to have fun, so that's not a problem! But what if we take a moment to celebrate Halloween a little closer to its roots?

Let's wind back the clock a few hundred years and celebrate Halloween like the old days!

Decorate with candles

Candles have been around since forever and always make for good Halloween decoration. Although back in the old days, it was obviously used for practical reasons more than for decorative purposes.

Regardless, if you want to create a creepy atmosphere for Halloween, you can't go wrong with candlelight. It's dirt cheap, easy to set up, and makes for an authentic mood!

Share spooky stories around a bonfire

Back when the Celts celebrated this date (obviously back then it wasn't called Halloween yet), one of the main activities was to light a bonfire.

This would be used to send offerings to the Gods as a way to protect them from the upcoming Winter. We can develop a slightly less gloomy version of this though.

Instead, you can light a bonfire or backyard fire pit and share spooky stories with your family and friends.

It's actually accurate to what people did back then as well, and can be maintained as a tradition today!

Read more on the origin of Halloween if you’re curious!

Display a jack o'lantern

Easily the most recognizable piece of Halloween decor, the jack o'lantern actually originates from Irish culture -- where Halloween came from originally.

It may look silly now that carved pumpkins and jack o'lantern have been commercialized all around the world, but it's totally within the canon.

In fact, it was the Irish who brought this tradition to America during the colonial days.

So try your hand at carving out a pumpkin and creating a jack o'lantern for real!

It's a really fun experience and it won't be hard to find pumpkins around this time of the year.

Dress up in costumes!

Turns out dressing up in costumes was a tradition ever since the beginning. Of course, if you want to stay true to the roots, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Back in ancient times, there was nothing like vampires, werewolves, mummies, or other typical movie monsters.

So what did they dress up like?

Usually, they used animal skulls and skins as a way to resemble beasts and ward off evil spirits or demons. Soon, simple masks came into play as well, and THAT is something we can use.

Simple plain masks with just the eyes cut out are good enough! Combine that with a dark or white robe, and you're good to go. Of course, the spookier, the better. 

You can always incorporate more detail just for fun -- we're keeping with tradition, but there's no reason to not use modern tools and tricks when you can!

Get involved in trick or treating

Finally, we can talk about trick or treating!

You'd be surprised to know that trick or treating has also been part of Halloween for centuries, though it's a lot more recent. It's estimated that it started around the 16th century.

Back then, people would dress up in spooky costumes (because dressing up as evil spirits supposedly protected you from them) and go from house to house asking for food. If food was refused, they would then try to scare or prank the person in some way.

This tradition was eventually brought to America where it's now kids who find this activity the most fun in exchange for candy.

If your neighborhood agrees, you can try to organize for everyone to have some candy around and let the kids go from door to door. If you prefer to stay closer to home, there are many other activities you can play in exchange for candy with the kids.

Try apple bobbing

Apple bobbing dates back to the very origins of Halloween if you can believe that.

Apples were symbols of fertility and abundance for the Celts, and apple bobbing was used in divination rituals -- or even to determine who would find their soulmate next.

The game back then was that the first person to bite the apple would be the next to get married (or allowed to get married). Obviously, we can scrap that and just play for fun.

For example, whoever manages to bite the apple wins Halloween candy or gets to choose a movie to watch!

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