Halloween is only a few days away, but there’s still enough time to get your Halloween party all set up! We’ve gathered a list of easy ideas you can put together easily and in time for Halloween, and we’ve got everything from beautiful decoration to delicious treats.

We’ve already talked about Halloween decoration ideas and even movies to watch on Halloween night, but what about the October 31st party? Let’s dive in!

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Play around with lighting

play around with lighting
Lights are easy to set up and change your looks! Source: Cosmopolitan

Lighting is a huge deal for creating a different atmosphere. For example, a string of purple lights is already pretty cool for Halloween decoration purposes, but you can go further and use something like painted light bulbs.

There are heat resistant sprays you can use to paint over light bulbs and create your own colorful lights! Just be sure to have the correct spray paint that is made specifically for this purpose (heat resistant), or it won’t work out very well.

Ghostly chair

ghostly chair
Because Halloween needs a few friendly ghosts! Source: Good House Keeping

We’re so glad ghosts became popular for being a white sheet with black eyes, because that’s super easy to replicate in many ways (we’ve used it a lot here as well). So for your chairs, why not make it a handful of spooky ghosts?

All you have to do is use white sheets (or any large piece of white cloth) and either draw or stamp the eyes and mouth!

Ghost milkshake

ghost milkshake
We’re never saying “no to milkshakes. Source: The Tomkat Studio

And speaking of ghosts…

Usually we call ghosts “spooky, but these ones are more on the “goofy side. It boils down to creating a milkshake that looks like a ghost with cute little eyes. Being all white, this makes for a really adorable treat, let alone the fact that it’s delicious!

In fact, don’t be shy about adding little eyes to other treats. It’s a cheap and easy way to make some Halloween treats!

Mummy candy can

mummy candy can
A great idea for kids parties! Source: HGTV

This is a super fun DIY for parties and schools, and the materials are super easy to come by. Basically, you’ll need cheesecloth, the googly eyes, maybe some black paint to spray over the can, and the can itself (which can be any variety you want). 

Then, it’s time to put it all together. Check out this lovely tutorial and have yourself a few mummies!

Mason Jar Jack’o Lantern

mason jar jack'o lantern
Three ways to make mason jar jack o’lanterns! Source: Our Best Bites

Mason jars are useful for a number of decoration projects and when the subject is Halloween… it’s no different. You can adapt mason jars into adorable jack o’lanterns with just a handful of supplies. You could also just as easily make them into ghosts, but hey, we already have enough of those!

If you don’t want to dive into paper craft, the alternative is to spray paint the jars orange and simply draw the eyes and mouth with a black marker once the paint settles.

OR, you can fill the jars with orange liquid (using food colorant) and use the same black marker for the features. Those are three different ways you can go about it, go for whichever you prefer!

Need some interior decor advice? Or maybe some home design tips? Get in touch with a professional for more info!


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