From the moment you pick your tree and bring it over to the car, you have to start caring for it. Luckily the entire process is quite simple, but there are important pointers you can’t skip to ensure your tree remains healthy for as long as possible.

And regardless if you already brought your tree home or still have to get one, this guide will teach you how to care for your Christmas tree until next year. There’s a lot that goes into caring for your tree, so let’s get to it, shall we?

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When you buy

If you’re getting your Christmas tree out of the store soon, there’s a few things you know right away. The most important is to make sure the seller makes a cut across the base of the trunk. This is important to allow better water absorption when you place your tree on water – which you should do as soon as you get home.

Your tree can consume up to a gallon of water in 24 hours, so if the water drops below the trunk line, it’s possible that you’ll need to perform another fresh cut on the base of the trunk before moving it to the stand.

Before bringing it inside

Quick and easy step before bringing your Christmas tree inside: while still outside, shake it moderately to let frail foliage and branches fall off. Banging the bottom of the trunk on the floor helps for the same effect (you might also get rid of tiny bugs that could be on leaves and such).

Water it right away (and regularly)

This is perhaps the most important step when it comes to Christmas tree care.

Assuming you’re placing your tree on the stand as soon as you get home (which is ideal), you should immediately give it plenty of water to go by. Your tree can consume a lot of water every day, so it’s wise to always check if the water isn’t below the trunk – give it a few hours and resin will form there, making it harder for your tree to absorb water.

If that ever happens, it’s not the end of the world, but your tree could struggle if it can’t get enough water. You can save it by performing another fresh cut across the bottom of the trunk, but that would probably mess up your Christmas tree decoration, so it’s best to avoid that in the first place!

Just remember to check the water line every day and refill as needed.

You might see guides recommending additives such as corn syrup, aspirin, sugar, etc. As long as your tree is receiving enough water, none of this is necessary.

A good stand

To get your tree ready as soon as possible you should already get home with a good stand. If the place where you got your tree doesn’t offer them for some reason, I highly recommend getting one on the way home so that you can set up immediately.

The stand has those screw-looking things you will use to properly fit and lockdown the base of the trunk, but you should get a stand that corresponds to how big your tree is. Most homeowners get a small to medium tree, which is probably your choice too, so most stands should be fine.

Don’t place your tree on sand or soil, as this will greatly reduce the amount of water it can take. If you want to plant your tree after using it for Christmas though, that is possible – but it should be done outdoors with proper instructions.

Keep it away from heat sources

Once your tree is all set up, the last thing you need to worry about is the placement. Homeowners usually place it in a corner of the living, which is totally fine – as long as you don’t leave it near heat sources.

Basically, you should avoid exposing your tree to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as well as heat sources such as radiators, lit fireplaces, or air ducts. This can cause your tree to dry up very quickly.

The air indoors is much drier than trees would like it to be, which is why they consume so much water. Just follow these guidelines and keep that water supply flowing and you should be golden until next year!

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