Keeping an entire house clean is no easy feat, especially when things start to pile up and it seems like an impossible task. Most people naturally gravitate towards a routine, though for many it can be hard to settle for one that works.

Hopefully, with this guide, you can finally find a way that works for you!

The idea is to start with the basics. You can outline a plan or schedule, and from there we'll start creating a routine that will make things easier in the long run.

For that, I’ll be offering you a few easy-to-follow tips to get you on the right track. Here’s your guide to a clean home!

“Attitude determines the altitude of life." – Edwin Louis Cole

Keep your cleaning tools organized

One of the first obstacles you may find at the very start of your journey is... well, where are your cleaning supplies?

Maybe the broom is behind a door somewhere, the mop is in the garage, the cleaning products are all over the laundry room... It's annoying to have to spend time hunting for everything before you can even begin.

An easy way around this is to have a cleaning caddy with all your basic cleaning products. It's one way to ensure you'll always find what you need, plus it's easy to drag it around with you.

Create a routine

Before you decide on the best time to clean your home, you need to think about your habits and schedule. Some people are more productive in the morning, some work better at night. Maybe you like to get things done quickly after work, maybe you prefer to wait for the weekend. Everyone is different, after all.

Whatever the case, pick the best moment for you and stick to it. Starting a steady cleaning routine really helps in solidifying your efforts.

To really learn how to clean a home, the best way is to practice and stick to a routine. The more you do it, the easier it gets!


Decluttering isn't the same as cleaning, but one sure helps the other.

If you make a habit out of decluttering, it will make house cleaning a lot easier over time. There are many ways to go about this, but for now, let's keep it simple: get rid of what you don't need.

Got three brooms? Choose the best one and drop the others. Go through your cleaning products and drop everything you have in excess. Got old pieces of furniture on the way all the time? Time to move them out.

To be clear, we're not trying to go for minimalism here. We just want to make cleaning easier by taking what's unnecessary out of the way!

Taking out the trash

The general rule when it comes to trash cans is to place a tiny one with a lid for organics near your cooking area and a bigger one for everything else.

Also, set a reminder for trash days to make it easier to keep up.

If you have a home office, you might also consider a small trash can for papers and whatever else -- better than throwing it on the floor or inside a drawer.

Trash cans with foot pedals are also really practical for kitchens and bathrooms!

Make it fun

Cleaning the house is a drag and we all know it. But we still have to do it.

So why not focus on making it as fun as possible?

The idea is that if you dread cleaning and hate even starting, it's only going to get worse every time. Let's inject some positive feelings into this routine so that it actually sticks!

One thing a lot of people enjoy is to put some music to play, either on speakers or headphones. You can choose or create your favorite Spotify playlist for the job, for example.

Another thing I've done is to turn on a few episodes of Friends on the TV while I work. It's a nice distraction to keep you company!

Hire help

Cleaning takes time and we don't always have that. Besides, sometimes you just work all week and you're exhausted by the weekend, leaving no energy to get anything done.

And that's totally fine.

You shouldn't force yourself if you need a rest. Instead, consider hiring house cleaners to give you a hand.

Even if it's just a quick clean, it already goes a long way in boosting your quality of life and making it easier for you when you get on it yourself!

Ready to give your home a deep clean? Get free quotes from house cleaners today and get some help to kickstart this project!


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