Depending on how much space you have in your garage, you may not use it only to store your vehicles, but also to store holiday decorations and outdoor supplies. Though it can take some investment to completely redo a garage, there are some smaller projects you can do that help you stick to your budget but completely change the space’s looks and functionality.

Keep reading to find out 10 clever garage makeover ideas that won’t break your budget! 

“You will never win if you never begin." – Helen Rowland

Change the Door

One way to give your garage an updated look is with a new door. Garage door replacement designs range from basic doors that use a solid wood panel and those that have large windows along the front. 

New doors also come in metal versions that use aluminum or steel. Carriage doors are a good choice if you want to do the job yourself because you don't need to struggle with door springs.

Add Storage

If you're tired of having a messy garage, add some extra storage. 

  • Take note of the wasted space around the ceiling and use rails and organizers that let you hang large plastic totes.
  • You can also install shelving along the walls and use a pegboard for your tools. 
  • Metal shelves are a good choice for garages because they stand up well to the rain and snow that might get inside.

Redo the Floor

Are you tired of seeing the plain concrete floor in your garage? Redoing the floor is an update that will completely change the look of the space.

A tiled flooring can provide you with the durability that a garage needs, while an epoxy floor can make it easy to clean and look very interesting with different colors. 

Seal Drafts and Holes 

You can spend even more time in your garage when you seal drafts and holes because the space will feel much warmer. Holes of any size can allow cold air to get through. 

You may find holes caused by wild animals chewing on the walls and others that occurred due to faulty construction. Caulk works well on smaller holes, but you can use plywood to cover larger holes.

Organize Your Supplies

Make your garage more efficient with organizers that help you keep track of your supplies. A simple pegboard with hooks gives you an easy way to store small hand tools. You can also fill a bucket with all of the supplies you use to wash your car and use another to organize your cleaning supplies.

Install Outlets

When you hire a contractor for garage door repair, ask if they can install one or more outlets, too. Electrical outlets come in handy whenever you want to work outside. 

You can use one to charge your phone and other mobile devices and keep another one free for your power tools. An overhead light can also run off a new outlet.

Consider Solar Panels

If you need power in your garage and don't want your electric bills to rise or if the cost to extend your electric lines would be too high, consider solar panels. They can easily fit on top of your garage and gather enough power to run anything you need. 

Some areas even give you a discount on taxes for the power you generate.

Build a Trash Can Area 

An easy and affordable way to organize your garage is with a separate area for your trash and recycling cans. You can use ordinary plywood to build an enclosure and add hooks to hang extra trash bags. 

If you have enough space, you can also add hooks or shelving for supplies to clean the cans.

Add Insulation

An insulated garage will offer you more use out of the space, making it possible for you to add a sofa to relax or to make it a home office, since it will be much more comfortable. 

Blown-in insulation is easy to install because you can rent tools to drive holes in the walls and add insulation. You can also opt for traditional insulation if you have more time to work on the garage.

Create Room for Your Pets

When working in your garage, don't forget about your four-legged friends. Creating room for your pets won't add much to your garage remodel cost and is a project that you can complete in a single weekend.

  • You might add a bed with a feeding area to let your pets hang out with you as you work and give the animal a place to eat and drink. 
  • If you have enough room, consider adding shelving for your pet's favorite toys and their leash. 

All of these projects are easy to do and help you stick to your garage remodeling budget.            

Before you swing a hammer, contact a garage remodeling professional for a price quote. You'll do more harm than good if you're not careful with how you approach a project needing the assistance of a trained and skilled contractor.


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