The LED lighting market keeps shining with bright ideas. On a society growing more and more used to handling everything with apps on their cellphones, a time where the only option for a light bulb is turning on and off is long gone. Not only dimming in many different levels, controlling the color, the time it’s going to turn on, using effects as sunrise, sunset, simulating a fireplace, and many more choices are available for the consumer who loves color and an extra personalized home.

Lighting fixtures are hitting new technological heights
New lighting tech ExtremeTech

Special light bulbs or light strips are available on the market, giving you the option of controlling through an app, including some where it’s possible to do that from a different city or state. The connectivity certainly makes the case stronger, but the energy efficiency is still the biggest selling point. You'll save money by simply having the lights installed, already at first and along the years. Installations are simple and fast, but the benefits last years and the fun of changing lighting as you want are priceless.

Strip lighting around the home proves for interesting decor
Long lights Shoppingonlinenrd

With a long life of 11 years, LED lights are free of toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, making them the most eco friendly way of artificial lighting there is. They can endure rough weather and temperature conditions and practically have zero UV emissions.

Price wise, with time they might get cheaper, however once you compare the cost with the many benefits, it’s still a good investment. Incandescent bulbs are cheaper ($1,25 at the lowest), but they burn all the time and use for energy. LED bulbs vary around $25 to $35, and you're going to use the same one for 11 years, so the price becomes minimal. Overall, for 50.000 hours of lighting it costs $85.75 for LED, $89.75 for CFL and $352.50 for incandescents.

If you’re used to switching the lights on and off frequently (or have kids at home who do this), the LED option has no reduction in their usage by this, as the incandescent lamp would. 

The highest use is residential, but due to the design flexibility, durability, longevity and great cost benefit the industries are investing more on LED. It cuts monthly energy expenses significantly, specially since on a large scale. Illumination of billboards, streets, stadiums, factories are also betting on this alternative.

This eco-friendly and durable lighting can help you taking your home to the next level, while helping the environment and your pocket. The most fun aspect, however, is transforming any room into 200 different ones, by changing the configuration and lighting. Some ideas include the lighting strips hiding under or around furniture. Also with simple lamps, which gain life by changing it into the many choices of color and effects, creating the mood lighting you want.

Purple retro interior lighting for an 80's theme
Retro mood lighting InteriorZine

Mood lighting in purple and gold for a romantic dinner. You'll feel as you're inside a magical movie scene.

LED mirrors always look cool in the hallway
LED mirrors ArchiProducts

Subtle touches around furniture, mirrors, windows can make the whole space look more modern and high tech.

Awesome underlit siding along the kitchen
Futuristic kitchen Furniture.Trendzona

Lighting under countertops, cabinets, furniture can help during the night when the main lights are off. On a staircase it can be both beautiful and safe, specially with kids in the house.

Colorful LED lamp light that serves as a pole
Pole light Lightology

Long lights can separate and give a dramatic effect marking rooms.

Under the panel LED lighting
Neon lighting Archilovers

Different colors add more dimension and give that movie-like surreal atmosphere.

Light up the pool at night with cool LEDs
Aqua lighting ArquitectosMX

Another big trend is LED lights on faucets, shower and pools. The blue is perfect for relaxing baths, but many have been using green and lilac lights as a health restoration chromotherapy, and of course, mood lighting in yellow, pink, orange, red for more energetic times.

Far out red light staircase
Red stairs and railings Pinterest

Creating a colorful maze at an apartment building simulating lava.

LED kitchen cabinet design
Kitchen lights Makitchen

During the day, the lights already make a huge difference. Combined with black countertops it looks stylish but also brightening up the place at the same time.

Fantastic LED display in a living room
Living room display Billydsgn

Video game lovers will love to incorporate that Tron/Bioshock feel to a gaming room. Avant garde and techie!

Exterior lighting for the whole neighborhood to see
Blue homes Minosetisamora

Not even houses are escaping this trend. The blue strips under the roof can make it look magical and a little haunted, actually. But surely, no house can be boring with this.

You'll never have to check under the bed again with this LED setup
Under the bed hdtricities

Spooky effect with light under the bed! A well know use for the lights, since it still keeps the room pretty light, without having it directly and uncomfortable on your eyes.

Bedroom lighting along the wall
Sweet bedroom lighting

In a classier way, the golden yellow almost makes the bed look like it’s levitating. Dimming it works even better for bedtime. The greatest thing about the LED lighting is how incredible and personalized you can make your home look like, without spending extra money every time you want to change colors and style. It’s a simple click on your phone that allows you to go that extra mile in decor and well being for the most exciting home you can have.

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