A burning fireplace. Soft, sateen sheets. A faux fur throw. The spicy scent of pumpkin. Spending the long, cold nights in bed becomes instantly more pleasurable when you make your bedroom warm, intimate, and inviting. Creating a sexy, cozy bedroom gives you more confidence and helps you get through the winter blues. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to make your bedroom the best room to spend your nights.


Purple and black color scheme for a sexy bedroom delight
Elegant, regal purple bedding: Photo Courtesy of Created House

The color of your bedroom drastically changes its atmosphere and style. To achieve a sexier feel, opt for richer, darker colors. Purple is considered the sexiest color for bedrooms, followed closely by red. Because purple is a mix of passionate red and calming blue, it creates a feeling of imagination, luxury, and unconditional love. This makes it an excellent color choice for couples looking to update their bedrooms. Mixing different shades of purple - like deep purple, lilac, and lavender - will bring a mature and sexy depth to your bedroom. The colors to avoid? Beige, green, and grey. While great colors for other rooms like living rooms and dining rooms, keep them out of the bedroom if you want a sensual and intimate space.


Many soft, comfortable pillows are a must for the master bedroom
Bedroom bedding importance: Photo Courtesy of Bed & Bath

There’s no point in staying in bed if your bedding isn’t comfortable. Use soft textures like sateen and silk or sheets with high thread counts. Tufted headboards or canopies make your bedroom dreamy and romantic. Add on cozy comforters and fluffy pillows for a romantic and enticing feel. Using a faux fur throw on the bed will take your bedroom to the next level and make it even more seductive. Make sure the colors of your bedding are tempting as well. Purples, reds, and blacks make great colors for sheets and blankets.


Red is the color of passion: bedroom interior painting ideas
Sexy lighting installation: Photo Courtesy of Watson Rock

Lighting is a key factor in establishing atmosphere, and that is certainly true when it comes to creating an alluring, intimate bedroom. Either turn off the bright overhead light completely or get a dimmer switch installed to give you more control over the atmosphere. You can always use softer, warmer bulbs in your bedside lamps to give your bedroom a sexy glow. Candles are always romantic, and using scented candles can enlist the help of more than one of your senses. The best scents to use are warm and spicy, like pumpkin. Other scents like lavender will work as well. Since memory is so strongly tied to scent, use aromas that trigger strong memories.


Bedroom canopy accents: Photo Courtesy of Wow Amazing

Get rid of electronics like TVs, laptops, and phones. Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. Decorate your bedroom with various soft textures and sensual art. Instead of family portraits (which work better in the living room anyway), display the boudoir photos you took before your wedding. Use sculptures and artwork that evoke feelings of passion.

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