Communities share a warm, common culture, and people are interconnected through common relatives and acquaintances. But, in an age where our homes are based on economic status and opportunity, the idea of community is not the same. In fact, most people don’t know their neighbors at all.

But, it’s important to maintain that friendly neighborly spirit even in the face of changing times. The good news is that you don’t have to invite people over to your house for tea or barbecue every five minutes in order to get to know them. 

Through friendly and welcoming front yard design, it’s possible to create a space where people feel comfortable to greet and interact with you at a safe distance for everybody. 

The most important thing is to cultivate the spirit of the community where you live so that it’s not just a collection of houses next to each other. But, a place where people interact, connect, and care about one another. 

Keep reading to learn a few ideas on how to build a community where you live through mindfully created front yard landscaping

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf

Sidewalk with Shade

It’s a really nice idea to plant a giant shade tree ride on the sidewalk at the edge of your property overlooking the street. Not only will the tree provide shade for your neighbors and anyone else that walks by the street, but it’ll create a peaceful and lovely environment around the neighborhood. 

If you have frequent runners, joggers, and cyclists in your neighborhood they’ll love the 5 to 15-degree temperature differentials provided by a large shade tree canopy. 

Planting trees in urban areas also helps with reducing the humidity and smog that often pervades the atmosphere in these environments, plus it provides an instant connection to nature. 

Put the Fence a Bit Back

Instead of taking your fence all the way to the very edge of your property, you could set it back a few feet so that you can plant a few beautiful and colorful plants. 

These help create interest and will keep pedestrians and neighbors entertained when walking by your house. Depending on your zone, you can plant low-maintenance flowers like lamb’s ears or cheerful daisies. 

Give the Funnel Effect a Try

Another community-friendly front yard landscaping idea to try would be to stretch the width of your home’s stairway or central path in order to create a more welcoming path. 

Add colorful details on the stairs leading up to your porch in order to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere, such as lanterns, vases, greenery or even gourds, like in the image above. 

Long and deep stairs work great with this idea because you can sit on them while catching up over neighborhood gossip, and you can take it one step further and plant low-water greenery with lots of color and texture. 

Illuminate the Path

One of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere to your home is to go for landscape lighting on your front porch area. This will highlight the beauty of your garden at night while lighting the path to your doorway. 

Just make sure there are no pools of darkness on your front walk because they make it difficult to see the path at night, especially for elderly visitors with sight difficulties. What you want is a well-illuminated pathway that’s bathed in light. 

Add a Few Plants

Cultivate some nice, richly textured plants on your front garden to create interest and set the mood. 

Always opt for native plants that’ll help attract local insects and birds to create an even more festive mood in your front yard. Not only that, but native plants make for a sustainable garden that’s a source of pride and joy. 

Have a Hangout Space

The best front yard decor ideas aren’t complete without good outdoor seating. If you don’t currently have a set, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend much for it. 

A simple bench or two placed in the front garden under the trees or between the bushes is enough to send a welcoming message to your neighbors. 

Create Social Seating

Make your porch a social place by putting tables and benches out front to let people know they’re welcome to take a seat and take a break while taking a walk. 

This will also be a great place for people to congregate at a safe distance when you’re entertaining.

Keep your home welcoming

From front yard lighting to porch decorating and thoughtful tree planting, there are many different ways in which you can organize your front yard into a welcoming community hotspot. 

Want to improve the curb appeal so your home stands out in the neighborhood? Then check out a few great ideas and request a free quote! 


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