You can finally make the changes you wanted in your bedroom. Why? Because now it’s possible to add style and substance to your bedroom with easy DIY projects and without breaking the bank.

Sometimes you don’t have to aim too right to make a difference in your home. This time, instead of looking at huge remodeling projects, let’s look at the simplicity and efficiency of DIY projects — and you’d be surprised at how much mileage we can get out of them.

It’s time to get inspired and make something different!

1. Washi Tape Light Switch

Washi tape is magical.
Washi tape is magical. Source: DIY Projects For Teens

Here’s a simple idea to experiment with if you’ve never tried Washi Tape before - which I highly recommend you do.

You can create tons of wall art, both minimal or complex, renovate your furniture, enhance decorations, and much more! And this tape is totally non-permanent, so there’s no risk involved. Learn more about washi tape here!

2. Design a reading corner

Every room benefits from a reading corner.
Every room benefits from a reading corner. Source: DreamBook Design

Adding a reading corner to your bedroom is stylish and a lot easier than you think. Let’s break it down:

  • A comfortable chair: if you don’t have one, consider personalizing or painting one you already own
  • Reading material: find a nice book or take this moment to write a bullet journal
  • A lamp: you can find beautiful standing lamps for $50 or less
  • A side-desk: either purchase one, use one you already own or make one yourself!

By making good use of what you already own, the perfect reading corner will come cheap and stylish!

3. Add houseplants and indoor trees

Houseplants are beneficial to your health.
Houseplants are beneficial to your health. Source: Madagascar Dragon Tree

Indoor trees and houseplants greatly enhance the quality of indoor air. And, naturally, they look beautiful against the right backdrop.

There are hundreds of different species to pick from, some are high-maintenance, some are so easy you barely have to do anything. Find more about them here!

4. DIY Hanging Shelves

Easy DIY hanging shelves for your bedroom.
Easy DIY hanging shelves for your bedroom. Source: Why Don’t You Make Me

The genius of these hanging shelves is that they only take one hole in the wall and only a handful of materials:

  • unfinished wooden boards
  • rope cord
  • a couple of metal rings
  • scissors
  • saw - if you find wooden boards in the right size, the saw is not necessary
  • drill - to drill holes on the boards

Remember: if you don’t have tools like the saw or the drill, just ask a friend who owns them — it comes out cheaper for you!

5. Flower Wall

A beautiful flower wall for your bedroom.
A beautiful flower wall for your bedroom. Source: Sweet Teal

With just about six bouquets of faux flowers and a few basic materials, you can create this incredible flower wall for your bedroom. It makes for a beautiful headboard above your bed or you can use it to dress up a blank wall in your bedroom.

Take a look at the tutorial from Sweet Teal and you’ll see just how simple it is!

6. Hide Cables Easily

Hide cables inside a gift box.
Hide cables inside a gift box. Source: Craft River

When decorating and styling your bedroom, you can always think of it on the practical side too. If you do it right, you’ll have something that looks nicer and cleaner.

A mangle of cables is atrocious to the eyes, especially if you already made your bedroom look great.

You can fix that problem easily by hiding them inside a gift box. Get one in the size you need, cut just the necessary holes for the cables to fit inside, and voilá — beautiful and organized at the same time!

7. Concrete Block Nightstand

Sometimes simple is best.
Sometimes simple is best. Source: Dwell

Sometimes you don’t have to go crazy on stylizing — some things already look great the way they are.

Take this nightstand simply made out of three concrete blocks stacked on each other. No mystery, no painting, no breaking, and cutting. Simple, efficient, and stylish.

Have any concrete blocks lying around?

8. DIY Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder that's easy to make.
A blanket ladder that's easy to make. Source: I Spy DIY

This is just one of the many ways you can use ladders for DIY, but it’s one of the most practical ideas. You can use it to hang blankets, scarves, towels, or even plants! It’s so versatile and so simple!

The lovely Jenni from I Spy DIY made a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this look!

9. Bar Cart Nightstand

Repurpose a bar cart into a charming nightstand.
Repurpose a bar cart into a charming nightstand. Source: The Every Girl

A simple rolling cart can double as a side desk for your bed or office table.

Keep a lookout for garage sales or used stores, you can find these for cheap - in most cases, the more rustic, the better!

10. Minimal Dreamcatcher + Wall Art

Let's DIY something to make that wall stand out.
Let's DIY something to make that wall stand out. Source: Almost Makes Perfect

This is a cool idea to make that boring white wall have something eye-catching. You can always find a dreamcatcher you like, but this one is special because it’s minimal and modern.

Dreamcatcher not your thing? Here are some other great ideas:

Ready to stylize your bedroom? If you want more inspiration, check out our DIY & Decor articles!

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