Staying home is often regarded as the most fun you can have, but oh boy, did 2020 turn that notion around on us. Many homeowners are probably dying to get out of the house by now and I can totally understand why.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side. Maybe we can make some adjustments that will make you happy to stay home, specifically with the use of interior design trends that focus on practicality and pleasant aesthetics.

After all, keeping things practical is great for our daily routines, but visuals matter way more than it seems. You can have the most functional home of all time, but if it looks drab and lifeless it will end up depressing you and affecting your mood. Let’s inject some life into it with these wonderful design trends!

“This is what I learned: that everybody is talented, original and has something important to say." – Brenda Ueland

Natural wood

The look of natural wood never gets old. Source: Country Living
The look of natural wood never gets old. Source: Country Living

We’re kicking off 2021 design trends with natural wood – a timeless trend that never gets old. Natural wood looks excellent in many different settings, but the idea here is to allow it to shine against beige and white backgrounds. The contrast lets the wood tones stand out, giving the room a lot more life.

The use of greenery is an excellent addition, because while the room would be fine with beige tones and wood, the green brings out that dash of color that really makes a difference. Combine all that with fluffy rugs and cozy blankets and winter is no match for you.

Warm tones

A bold use of warm tones. Source: Country Living
A bold use of warm tones. Source: Country Living

Especially during the winter, making good use of warm and natural tones does wonders for your mental health. Here we have an admittedly bold way to use a rustier tone that actually reminds us of the Fall season. It’s classy, elegant, and very unique.

And because there is so much orange and brown, it’s important to use a bit of white – here seen on the walls and railings. It balances out the color scheme and makes it not seem so dark. If you’re interested in adding an accent wall like this, consider talking to a local painter!

Subtle fireplace

The fireplace – a staple on winter design trends – is often used as a focal point for the living room, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea to have a beautiful fireplace set up like that... But it’s definitely not the only way.

You can have a comfy living room with a more subtle fireplace, perhaps a bit more to the side and allow the couch and center table to take the spotlight, as well as the decoration and your color choices.

For this purpose, you can even use electric fireplaces – which are not a “real one, but instead simulate a flame effect and produce heat without creating smoke, and therefore negating the need for a chimney. It’s basically a fancy heater, making it perfect for apartments or smaller living rooms!


Wallpapers are an extremely underrated way to revamp an entire room, sometimes by changing a single side of the wall. You can find a huge variety of patterns and colors to choose from, giving you a lot more options than a simple paint job. Painting is great, but you’re usually locked into a single plain color as well as it taking more effort to get done.

And the best part about wallpapers: they’re non-permanent.

Wallpapers can be removed and replaced whenever you get bored of them, leaving a lot of room for experimentation! If you find yourself staying at home for long periods of time now, it’s always nice to know you can change the setting every now and then with wallpaper installation.

Fluffy textiles

Comfy textures everywhere! Source: Curated Interior
Comfy textures everywhere! Source: Curated Interior

Nothing soothes the winter blues better than fluffy textiles. Blankets, rugs, carpets, pillows, anything you can get and make fluffy. It makes the room seem cozy and inviting, especially during colder days!

This setup is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. As for colors you’re really free to experiment, but a bright and beige palette works really well – it’s visually nice but it also helps in hiding dust or fur from pets that might get mixed in the bunch. If that ever happens, you can brush or vacuum everything clean.

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