With the upcoming holidays, any decorating ideas are welcome and appreciated, especially if they are this easy and quick to DIY! To transform your celebrations and make everything feel more festive and inviting, check out these amazing DIY cake stands that will impress the guests and make your decorations feel even more elegant and unique!

DIY Metallic Gold Geometric Cake Stand

DIY cake stands that can really add value
DIY cake stands Birdsparty

This sensational Metallic Gold Geometric Cake Stand is the perfect DIY if you want to add a modern touch to your celebrations. The stand is easy to assemble together and looks incredible in any type of gathering, be it Christmas, birthday parties, a wedding, or basically any celebration with friends (and cake)! Check out the instructions over at Birds Party!

Quick DIY Candlesticks Cake Stands

Amazing cake displays in the kitchen
Cupcakes too Poppytalk

These gorgeous cake stands are incredibly easy to make: you’ll only need a few minutes to assemble one! And the best part is: you can spray paint it with any color you want, from neutral, to bright, to metallic - any color looks incredible and makes the piece even more personalized and unique, fitting your personal and home style. Check out the tutorial!

Pie Pan Cake Stand

Pies are also included in these cute little stands
Flavor and Frosting

This beautiful and elegant cake stand is incredibly easy to do! To make one yourself, you’ll need:

  • A pie tin, ceramic quiche dish, or other wavy-edged pie pan;
  • A candle holder, the heavier the better;
  • Heavy duty glue, like Super Glue;
  • Spray paint.

To make it, you’ll only need to glue the pie tin and candle holder together, and after the glue is dry, spray paint it with your preferred colored spray paint and let it dry completely. Voilá! Your brand new cake stand is ready!

Microwave Plate Cake Stand

Perfect for DIY cakes and kitchen decor
Great for ArtisanCakes

Don’t these incredible cake stands look amazing?! The black one can be made with an old microwave plate (since it has heavy duty tempered glass, it’s perfect for cake stands) super glued on a heavy candlestick and then spray painted with a black color and clear coating. Isn’t it easy?

Rustic Cake Stand

Even for the bird brained Oncewed

This Rustic Cake Stand is so incredible that you’ll want to use it for every occasion! You can find the wood pieces at your local crafts store or online, and after you have them, you’ll just need to glue them together using an extra strong wood glue. You can use a food-safe wood sealer if you want to display a cake directly on the wood surface or just use a piece of parchment paper beneath your dessert. And there you go: your exquisite, new, expensive-looking cake stand is ready to use!

Chalkboard Cake Stand DIY

Chalk it up to great dining room table decor
Chalking it up to thatswhytheycallmefiesty

A great idea to make your cake stand even more awesome: chalkboard paint! You can write messages, drawings and words while presenting a delicious cake! After choosing a glass plate and glass cup or candleholder, glue them together using epoxy and after the glue is dry, spray paint with a chalkboard paint. Easy peasy! Use a piece of waxed paper under your food and you’re good to go!

Plastic Gold Cake Stand

Perfect for celebrating abeautifulmess

This will be your next afternoon project! This extremely cheap DIY can easily be made with dollar store plastic plate and plastic wine/margarita glass. The steps are just like the other cake stands: glue the pieces together and spray paint them with a beautiful color, like this golden glow from the photo. Easy, beautiful and cheap!

What do you think of these amazing DIY Cake Stands? Which one did you like best and which ones are you making to celebrate the upcoming holidays? Let us know on the comment section below and check out our Facebook and Articles Page for more incredible ideas!

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